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Rebrand to Boost Fraser Coast Tourism

Queensland’s Fraser Coast offers a perfect life balance between work and recreation, yet Melbourne demographer Simon Kuestenmacher says it remains largely undiscovered beyond the state’s borders. In a recent presentation, he said the current ‘Fraser Coast’ brand might be too broad and confusing. Here’s what he shared in an EXCLUSIVE interview with JOCELYN WATTS on […]

Dine on Australia’s Dinosaur Trail

A Foodie’s Journey in Queensland’s Dinosaur Country IT’S incredible how the Outback Queensland landscape has transformed over millions of years. Back when dinosaurs roamed, it was lush forests and inland seas, teeming with food. But even though today’s Outback might seem barren to some people, it’s alive with tasty treats for we humans. I’ve been […]


Citroen Fever Hits Maryborough

Maryborough, Qld, To Host 2025 National Citroën Cit-In! GET revved up! Maryborough, Queensland, has been announced as the backdrop for the much-anticipated 2025 national Citroën club gathering, affectionately dubbed Cit-In. In a grand unveiling at the 2024 national gathering in Devonport, Tasmania, last night (24 March 2024), the President of the Citroën Car Club of […]


Maryborough Dining: Our Best Foodie Finds

Explore Maryborough’s Food Culture MARYBOROUGH, Queensland, has a foodie scene that has me hooked! Here’s the scoop: I’m part of a Maryborough dining group that meets for a Girls’ Night Out every month, visiting different spots around the city to show some love to local venues. Our annual grand finale in December? That’s reserved for […]

A Deep Dive into the CSIRO Fast Start Program

Guiding Paths: From ‘domestic science’ legacy to the CSIRO Fast Start program AS A girl of around 12 or 13, I was about to go bush on a Girl Guide camp when the adventure and my family’s connection to home economics, and eventually to the CSIRO, unexpectedly crossed paths. The thrill arose when I discovered […]