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Barrel n Vine: Where Italian Food Meets Coastal Vibes

A Taste of Italy and the Sea: Barrel n Vine Unveiled

EXPERIENCE the flavours of Italy without leaving Hervey Bay at Barrel n Vine, the city’s newest hotspot for dining delights. On Charlton Esplanade in Torquay, this new restaurant and wine bar blends Italian flavours and seafood in a European-inspired ambience.

The new venue is the creation of Joe and Rachael Nocera who bring a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. Barrel n Vine follows their successful ventures at Ignite by Dockside, Seasar’s Seafood on Bribie Island, and Dock n Dine on the Sunshine Coast.

Next to the Beach Motel, the new restaurant occupies the premises previously tenanted by various establishments, including Playa Concha, Seaside Cafe and Restaurant, the Tangy Pickle, and most recently, Soprano’s Restaurant and Bar.

Barrel n Vine - Exterior view

Savouring Coastal Charm at Barrel n Vine on the Esplanade in Torquay.


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A Taste of Tradition at Hervey Bay’s New Dining Spot

During our Monday evening visit, the restaurant buzzed with activity, having already successfully established itself as a favourite among locals and tourists. The welcoming staff greeted us with a friendly smile, and “Poppa Bear,” a family patriarch, kindly shared anecdotes about the restaurant’s history.

As we entered the modern interior furnished with elegant black dining tables and chairs, our attention was captured by the vintage black and white photographs gracing the walls. Among them were fascinating scenes such as a Venetian canal, an Italian kitchen, and a vintage car winding through an alpine road. We speculated that the latter photograph might have been captured in the northern regions of Italy, known for their picturesque alpine landscapes and scenic routes.

Classic hits from Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, and Olivia Newton-John enhanced the nostalgic tone, giving the ambience a comforting familiarity. This playlist added warmth and relaxation to the atmosphere, making for an inviting experience.

Perusing the menu, we were enticed by the diverse array of offerings, showcasing the best of Italian cuisine, seafood, and drinks. The selection of cocktails, including the Mediterranean Margarita and Lemoncello Spritz, promised a delightful start to our dining experience.

One highlight that caught our attention was the Seafood Plate for 2, featuring a combination of Black Garlic Bug, Saltwater Barramundi, Calamari Fritti, and more, accompanied by house-made Tartare and Boozy Seafood Sauce. The option to elevate the experience with Gin & Shiraz Salmon Caviar intrigued us further.

As we delved deeper into the menu, we discovered a tempting variety of dishes, ranging from traditional Italian pizzas to sumptuous seafood delights. The Prawn Fritti and Porchetta stood out as must-try options. Additionally, the Coconut Chilli Crab Linguini sounded like an irresistible fusion of flavours, offering a unique twist on a classic pasta dish. With options like Diavola Pizza, Rib Fillet Steak, and Tiramisu rounding out the menu, there was something to satisfy every craving.

Our Culinary Journey at Barrel n Vine

We decided on Chicken Milanese and Veal Scaloppine AI Funghi for our main courses. The Chicken Milanese offered a delightful twist on the classic schnitzel, originating from northern Italy. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The Veal Scaloppine AI Funghi, a timeless Italian favourite, featured tender veal smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce that was rich and indulgent.

As we perused Barrel n Vine’s wine and beverage list, we were impressed by the extensive selection. After much deliberation, we settled on glasses of Pino Grigio Delle Venezie Capitolo 06 from Veneto, Italy, and a refreshing Kaapzicht Pinotage Rose from South Africa. Both wines proved to be excellent companions to our meals, enhancing the flavours of our dishes.

To conclude our Italian culinary adventure at Barrel n Vine, we couldn’t resist indulging in dessert. We opted for the velvety smoothness of Panna Cotta, topped with luscious honey and passionfruit. Each spoonful was a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess, providing a satisfying finale to our meal.

As we savoured the last bites, we reflected on the exceptional dining experience we had enjoyed and looked forward to our next visit to this culinary gem in Hervey Bay. For anyone seeking a trip down memory lane paired with exquisite cuisine and wines, this new restaurant is an unmissable destination.

Barrel n Vine in Hervey Bay is open Thursday to Monday for dinner, and Friday to Sunday for lunch.


Barrel n Vine - a collage of photos

If you go:

Barrel n Vine
Italian | Seafood | Wine Bar
473 Charlton Esplanade
Hervey Bay, QLD,
P: +61 (07) 4334 0892
W: barrelnvine.com.au


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