World Gin Day: Recipes to get you into the spirit!

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Gins

Raise a toast to World Gin Day 2023

HEY there, gin lovers! World Gin Day 2023 is coming up on June 10, and we’ve got you covered with our top Edinburgh Gin selections from Swiftys.

Plus, we’ve put together some awesome cocktail recipes to help you get in the spirit of the celebration.

Cheers to that!

Edinburgh Gin

Born in 2010, Edinburgh Gin is distilled in the heart and harbour of Scotland’s capital city.

Taking inspiration from the wonder-filled city that is their namesake – a captivating city of contrasts and harmony that blends historic tradition with contemporary creativity, city pride with world citizenship, nature and the urban environment.

Beginning with the Classic, a world-class London Dry, which became the foundation for a series of expressions that led the flavoured gin revolution.

Today, Edinburgh Gin’s suite of beautifully crafted and naturally flavoured gins spans London Dry’s, Gin Liqueurs, Flavoured Gins and Ready To Drink serves. Together they represent one of the most varied and vibrant range of gins in the world.

1. Edinburgh Gin & Tonic

The zesty notes of the classic gin are complemented by a garnish of fresh orange peel.

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Classic Gin

50ml Edinburgh Gin
50ml of a good quality tonic water
Orange peel to garnish

Add ice to a glass
Pour the gin over ice and add tonic
Garnish with an orange peel twist

2. Edinburgh Gin’s Seaside Gin & Tonic

The briny botanicals of Seaside Gin are the perfect match for aromatic thyme and zesty grapefruit, in our take on the timeless G&T.

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Seaside Gin

50ml Edinburgh Gin’s Seaside Gin
50ml of a good quality tonic water
Garnish with samphire and a grapefruit twist

Add ice to a glass
Pour the gin over ice and add tonic
Garnish with samphire and a grapefruit twist

3. Cannonball Negroni

Edinburgh Cannonball Gin is a gin that lives up to its evocative name. Bottled at 57.2% abv, 100% proof. This higher alcohol content allows distillers to add more botanicals, strong in both alcohol and flavour.

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Cannonball Gin

25ml Edinburgh Cannonball Gin
25ml Campari
25ml Martini Rosso
Orange peel

Add ice to a rocks glass. Add ingredients, and stir with a bar spoon until well mixed. Garnish with an orange peel.

4. Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin & Tonic

Edinburgh’s Master Distiller has taken great care to get Rhubarb & Ginger Gin just right. Beautifully balanced and crafted, warm spiciness, tangy sweetness, more juniper and more gin. This Rhubarb & Ginger Gin may be inspired by their Liqueur, a true original – but is distinctive in its own right.

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Rhubarb Ginger Gin

50 ml Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Mediterranean tonic
Kaffir lime leaf and lemon or rhubarb twist to garnish

Pour the gin into a glass filled with cubed ice. Top up with tonic water and garnish with kaffir lime leaf and lemon.

5. Sicilian Spritz

Inspired by the Sicilian sun-drenched lemon groves and the perfumed scent of jasmine flowers in the height of bloom. This gin is ideal for longer days – a captivatingly fresh and crisp gin.

World Gin Day - Edinburgh Lemon Gasmine Gin

25ml Edinburgh Lemon & Jasmine Gin
25ml Limoncello
12.5ml lemon juice
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
Sweet lemonade to top up

Add the gin, Limoncello, and lemon juice into a shaker. Add a sprig of fresh thyme and muddle together. Add ice and shake. Fine strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top up with sweet lemonade. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

***To buy Edinburgh Gin, visit Swiftys online.***

Posted: 5 June 2023


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