CSIRO Diet: What I Learned After 12 Weeks

My top tips for losing weight with the CSIRO Diet

It’s no secret that losing weight isn’t always a quick process. For me, it was a lesson in patience and learning to trust the process.

I recently tried out the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, where I lost just 1 kilogram over 12 weeks, but a total of 20 centimeters of my body size. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover my energy levels stayed up throughout.

My choice of program was the standard higher protein, low GI diet that’s designed for maximum weight loss and appetite control. It helps you learn how to eat right with a focus on getting optimal nutrition from whole foods.

What I found was that while the recommended kilojoules were actually more than what I was used to eating, staying consistent on the program and pushing past my comfort zone would be key for successful weight loss.

Here’s what my CSIRO TWD journey taught me about metabolism and why it’s important to stick with the program.

CSIRO Diet - salmon and salad

Smoked red fish fillet, trout, or salmon steaks served on slate board with lemon and rocket salad. Photo: Shutterstock.

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Why consistency is key

When I joined the CSIRO TWD in November 2022, I had already followed a healthy low-kilojoule eating style for most of my life.

Unfortunately, this meant my metabolism had already adjusted to the smaller portions and so when I began following the CSIRO’s recommended menu plan for a person of my size—which were larger proportions than what I was used to eating—it caused an initial increase in weight.

Because my program covered the festive season, my CSIRO health coach, an accredited practicing dietitian (who doesn’t wish to be named), said it was okay if I wanted to splurge a little, so long as I went back to following my diet plan soon after. So, I did.

But, because I had lost just 0.8 kg in the first six weeks of the program, for the second half, I cut back on the recommended proportion sizes.

For example, when a lunch menu called for a large wholegrain wrap, I’d use a small wrap. Or, when I was to have a sandwich with two slices of Burgen bread for lunch, I’d have just one slice and make it an open sandwich. I also stopped having some of the recommended snacks.

Turns out that was my downfall!

It all comes down to metabolism

CSIRO Diet - Muesli with berries and yoghurt

Breakfast in bed… muesli with berries and yoghurt. Photo: Shutterstock.

My coach said the reason I lost little weight on the 12-week CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet was that I trimmed down the food proportions of my Protein Balance program.

“You set yourself back to where your metabolism was going real slow,” she said.

“Push past the feeling that you’re eating too much, and your weight will come down as your metabolism realises how you’re feeding it and think ‘I’m happy to work now’.

“You weren’t eating enough. Continue eating too little and it will be really difficult to lose the 6 kg you want to lose and keep it off for the long term.”

My coach said because my CSIRO menu plan provided just enough kilojoules to keep me going with enough energy for basic functions such as breathing and walking, when I trimmed down the proportion sizes my body went back into survival mode and kept all it could for me to function.

This taught me that consistency was key to getting results from the CSIRO TWD; stay committed and trust that even if there wasn’t an immediate change on the scale, my body was still transforming.

Therefore, keeping track of how much food you are eating each day, and how much energy you’re using, can ensure that your body has all the fuel it needs while still helping you reach your desired weight-loss goals.

Consistency is key to the CSIRO diet

While losing weight can be a long process full of challenges along the way, it’s worth sticking with it until you see results.

My experience with trying the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet helped me understand just how important consistency was when following any dietary plan.

Understanding how many kilojoules you are consuming each day and how much energy you’re using will help keep your metabolism running smoothly, which can give you better results.

The major benefit of following the CSIRO’s higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet is that it encourages slow, steady weight loss that is easier to maintain in the long term.

Taking further steps

CSIRO Diet - Chicken and Salad Wrap

Wholegrain wrap with chicken and vegetables. Photo: Shutterstock.

Even though I lost just 1 kg of weight, I qualified for the refund that’s offered for completing the first 12-Week CSIRO TWD, and I’ve signed back on for another 12-week period, for stage two of the same Protein Balance plan—this time committing fully with no cutting back.

My goal is now to push past those initial feelings of discomfort and get used to eating more than what I am used to in order for my metabolism to increase so that my weight will come down too.

Personalised coaching to help achieve your goals

The CSIRO TWD has many advantages for those looking for a comprehensive approach to achieving their health goals in terms of both physical and mental well-being.

As well as the standard program I’m on, the CSIRO TWD also includes menu plans designed for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes/Prediabetes, and more.

From providing sustainable weight loss programs and personalized coaching services, there’s no doubt the CSIRO program has something for everyone.

If you’re willing to commit yourself fully and make necessary adjustments along the way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get significant results from following this program.

So why not try it for yourself today?

Want to sample CSIRO recipes before joining?

If you’d like to try recipes from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet before joining the online program, a selection of free recipes is available at: https://www.totalwellbeingdiet.com/au/recipes/our-recipe-collections/

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CSIRO diet plan - recipe book

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Start your weight-loss journey with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

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Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has designed a fantastic program designed to do just that. With higher protein, low GI eating plans, you can reduce cravings and feel fuller for longer.

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FEATURE PHOTO: Prawn and Mango Salad by Jocelyn Watts.

Published 13 February 2023

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