Australian native finger limes burst with flavour

Discover the unique flavour of Australian native finger limes

Australian native finger limes have been held in high regard by Indigenous peoples for medicinal purposes for centuries, and now, this unique fruit bursting with flavour and character, is making itself known on the menus of many restaurants on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland.

Bearing the nickname ‘caviar limes’, the Australian native finger lime has found a 133-acre home at The Salty Lime Co on Emu Park Road, sitting high in the hills overlooking the stunning Southern Great Barrier Reef, and immersing their fruity goodness among romance and love at the popular wedding venue.

Prized for their attractive internal colour and flavoursome juicy capsules boasting vitamin-c rich qualities, this season’s awaited harvest of the slow-growing stubby fingers has been extremely successful, with thousands of finger limes currently being picked daily by the team at The Salty Lime Co.

The family-owned farm, established in 2013, is the love child of locals Roxanne and Luke Hinton, who knew that the perfect sub-tropical climate of Central Queensland would work in their favour when grafting the distinctive citrus.

“When we moved to the 300-acre block of land, we saw the potential of harvesting something on the nutrient-rich land, and thought – why not finger limes?” Luke said.

The fruit is elongated and has a caviar-like appearance, hence its name.

Caviar limes are prized for their unique flavour, which has been described as a combination of lime, lemon, and grapefruit.

Luke said there was so much potential with this little antioxidant.

“They literally burst in your mouth, guaranteeing a taste explosion that is refreshing and memorable.

“They make for great seafood or cocktail garnish, so in turn, we have been able to supply many Capricorn Coast restaurants with fresh local produce, providing their guests with a true farm-to-fork experience.

“We have also been experimenting with many desserts and marmalades, and because the fruit is so jam-packed with flavour and boldness, not a lot is required to create a great tasting dish.”

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to add to your culinary repertoire, caviar limes are definitely worth trying.

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Australian native finger lime - inside

Australian Native Finger Lime. Photo: Capricorn Enterprise


From growers to makers, eateries and retailers

As part of the Taste Capricorn Coast food trail, which was a Livingstone Shire Council and Capricorn Enterprise initiative funded by the Australian Government Bushfire Recovery fund, The Salty Lime Co joins 45 growers, makers, eateries, and retailers, in helping the local community to discover the finest produce the Capricorn Coast has to offer.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll is pleased to see more and more local food making its mark on local menus.

“Research has shown that 93% of travellers now seek unique and memorable food and drink experiences, and The Salty Lime Co, as part of Taste Capricorn Coast, is satisfying this need and highlighting the fresh produce that comes directly out of this region,” Mary said.

“Local food is now a mainstream trend, with more people seeking fresh, local options and more restaurants sourcing locally grown ingredients.

“Byron Sunrise pink finger limes from The Salty Lime Co. can be purchased directly from the farm on Emu Park Road, Doblo’s in Rockhampton or from our friends at The Alley in Yeppoon for as little as $20 per bag.”

Serving up Australian native finger limes in Queensland

With more people looking for fresh, local options, it’s no wonder that restaurants are starting to source ingredients from local growers.

If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience, be sure to check out some of the restaurants on the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland – they’re serving up Australian native finger limes as you’ve never tasted before.

For more information about this amazing fruit, visit follow the farm’s updates on Facebook.

You can also find out when the sweet season for citrus is in Australia at


Australian native finger lime - farm aerial view

The Salty Lime Co on Emu Park Road, Central Queensland. Photo: Capricorn Enterprise



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