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Workout DVDs: Lose weight and feel great

Many women would love to have a tighter, more toned body but don’t have time to go to a gym.
While streaming services do offer home gym sessions, not everyone likes the recurring subscription costs.
That’s where workout DVDs come in!
Buy a DVD and it’s yours to use whenever you wish without any further costs.
You can do it at home on your own time and get significant results.
Here we’ve put together a list of our top five workout DVDs for women, so read on to see which one is right for you.

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1.   Personal Trainer by X-TrainFit

If you want a toned body for yourself but do not have any time to hit the gym,  this 90-day workout DVD by expert trainer Stephanie Oram will prove immensely helpful.
Personal Trainer by X-TrainFit includes 12 different workouts in 12 separate DVDs.
The workout is aimed at helping you burn fat and build lean muscle by doing several exercises for 35 minutes every day over 90 days.
There is also a 90-day workout tracker available to track your progress.
A training guide and training calendar come with the workout DVD.
The meal plan provided will guide you in controlling your nutritional intake with every meal to achieve your fitness goals.
Stephanie Oram will keep you motivated by her words, and you will surely notice the results at the end of the stipulated period.

2.   Evergreen Wellness Workout Challenge

The Evergreen Wellness workout DVD is another saviour for women who work out at home.
This one is specially created for beginners and seniors above 50 years of age.
With this 30-day workout challenge, you will see the impact on full-body fitness.
The workout routines consist of walking exercises that are easy to follow and not exhaustive.
This has been designed to keep age and specific health conditions in mind.
This workout DVD will help you feel better.
The routines are also entertaining, as they include classic rock and roll themes music.
It should keep your toes tapping and motivate you to exercise every day.

3.   Gentle Yoga

Workout and exercise do not always have to be pumped up and exhaustive.
It can also be calming and relaxing, like yoga.
So many people are gradually adopting this as a part of their lifestyle.
This Gentle Yoga workout DVD offers you seven beginning yoga practices for people aged between 40 and 70.
It has been shot at the Glacier National Park, and you can experience its beauty through the segments of the yoga practice.
There are seven completely different routines in the DVD that you can listen to at different points of the day.
All of them are pretty easy to do, and you will master over 100 yoga poses with the help of this workout DVD.

4.   Befit: 30-day Butt Lift

The fourth workout DVD we have chosen for you is the Befit: 30-day Butt Lift workout routine.
It is mainly aimed at shaping your backside and features fitness experts Alicia Marie and Courtney Prather, who will guide you through every step.
The routines comprise a unique blend of innovative cardio, target-toning strength, yoga, and ballet-inspired movements.
You can slim your thighs, hips, and abs with the help of this fantastic workout DVD by Befit.

5.   Strong by Zumba

Strong by Zumba is an initiative by a group of health and fitness experts.
They believe Zumba is a workout that exercises every part of your body and helps the parts move in sync with each other and the beats of music.
This is a 60-minute high-intensity workout DVD with a bonus 20-minute workout.
The movements have proven to burn two times more calories than the machines at your gym.
Try this revolutionary workout at home, and you will not be disappointed.

Workout DVDs Conclusion

Workout DVDs are a great way to exercise daily, especially during events such as the Covid-19 pandemic when gyms were closed or restricted in most places.
With these DVDs, you can exercise in the comforts of your home at any time of the day.
Not only is this more cost-effective but it can also be more fun when you’re not worrying about keeping up with the class.
Try out our top five picks of workout DVDs, and we hope you like them just as much as we do.


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Looking for more inspiration?

The sky’s the limit when it comes down to what you could have in your own home gym.

You may need little more than a fitness ball, aerobic stepper, yoga mat, workout DVD and some hand weights.

One of the best things about having a home gym is that you can customize it to fit your needs.




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