Twin talk gives Granville kids the giggles

GRANVILLE State Primary School students don’t need an eye exam when they see identical teachers. They really are seeing double!

University of Southern Queensland (USQ) graduands Carla and Rachel Frohloff are Prac teaching at the Maryborough school in 2015 – Carla in Year 3 and Rachel in Year 5/6.

After completing four years of university studies last November, the 21-year-old identical twins will graduate with Bachelors of Education majoring in Health and Physical Education in Maryborough on May 16.

“We’re so lucky to get jobs so quickly after finishing our studies,” Carla said.

“So many people say it’s hard to get a teaching job or that you’ll have to move hours away, so it’s great to have jobs so close to home, for now anyway. We don’t know where we’ll be teaching next year yet.”

Born in Hervey Bay, Rachel and Carla attended Kawungan primary and Urangan high schools before enrolling at USQ.

Although the twins now work side by side with the same university degree at Granville State Primary School, the higher education paths they took to get there were varied.

“I went through so many changes with QTAC because I kept changing my mind,” Rachel said.

“We originally chose different degrees but in the end we both went with teaching. Then we both considered secondary teaching but ended up going with primary.

“We also looked at different majors but eventually we both decided to specialise in health and physical education.”

The similarities between the sisters are not lost on their students.

“Most just say ‘Hello Ms Frohloff’ but if its Carla’s student and they know it’s me, they’ll have a little giggle afterwards because they think it’s funny to say it to me as well,” Rachel said.

“One student said ‘You look a lot like the other Ms Frohloff’. I replied ‘Why do you think that?’ and he said ‘Because you’ve got the same body!’

“They’re very curious and often ask questions at weird times. I had one student ask on parade if I shared a house with my sister. The thoughts strike them at random times and they just have to ask.

“Other things they want to know include if we’re twins or just sisters, if we live together and if we share a car.”

Carla said their experiences at USQ Fraser Coast prepared them well for answering such questions from children.

“Being on-campus university students at USQ Fraser Coast in Hervey Bay was good with us doing education,” Carla said.

“We wanted to be teachers so we could experience working with kids on Open Days and through the Smart Steps program, which was aimed at upper primary school students.”

Caption: Random questions from students at Granville State Primary School often amuse identical twin teachers Rachel (left) and Carla Frohloff.

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