Sand Ceremony: What’s it about?

Exchange your vows with a sand ceremony

Imagine exchanging your vows in sand, billions of years old and rock solid.

You can. A sand ceremony symbolises unity and is a popular choice for weddings as couples start their new journey together.

Rock-solid? Yes, because sand comes from rock, coral, shells – and the beginnings of time itself.

In early ceremonies, the couple tossed handfuls of sand together into the wind.

The grains combined and could not, of course, be separated, thus symbolising unity and eternity.

Many of today’s celebrations honour both families and the vases are kept as a treasured reminder of eternal togetherness.

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Sand ceremony: one way of tying the knot

Choose three beautiful glass vases. 

Place one coloured sand into one vase, and a second colour into another vase. These are designed to represent the couple.

At the right moment in the service, one partner pours a portion of his/her sand into the third vase. The other partner then pours a portion of her/his sand on top of the first.

Finally, the couple jointly pours the remainder into each of their vases and into the central vase. Two symbolically then become one.

You can create your own sand ceremony kit or buy one ready-made.


Here is an original selection of special words each and both can say at the ceremony

  • I wish for us these sands of time to unite, inspire, and heal.
  • I wish for us the continuity of the billions of years represented in these sands.
  • I wish for us the smoothness of these sands as we too move across the waters of life, together.
  • May our commitment, our love be as ever-lasting as these sands of endless time.

You can also include children in this beautiful ceremony by using more colours.

Why not engrave the vases with initials, names and the wedding date making them a moving keepsake for years to come?


Recommended Reading: Author and marriage celebrant Jennifer Cram gives a fresh look at unity ceremonies in Unity Candle and Sand Ceremony: A Definitive Guide to the Creative Use of Candle and Sand Rituals in Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

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