More on preparing your house for sale

You finally decided to sell your house. We discussed painting the walls as a first step and cleaning up the outside landscaping. Surely, that is all you have to do, right? Wrong! Before opening your doors to the buyer, let’s look at a few more “to-do” items.

The house tour begins the moment the buyer first sees your home. Why not give him a warm, pleasant first impression of the home that is to be his?  Does your doorbell work? Is the front door in need of paint, or maybe in need of replacement? Old doors often create the impression of shabbiness and/or neglect.

I mentioned earlier that outside maintenance cleanup is the opening act of your buyer’s home tour. Caring for and maintaining the inside of your house is commonly done on a more necessity-drive schedule. A homeowner becomes comfortable with a slightly dented window pane and does not realize that dent will mean dollars less to him when the buyer points out the defect.

Is there a window leak, or a pane of cracked glass in a hidden, closet window? It will cost you much more than window replacement of that one pane if the buyer sees it. More than likely, it will trigger an entry in his notebook to have all of the home’s windows inspected very carefully. That can end up costing hundreds of dollars more than replacing one or two panes.

Let us help you prepare for your buyer. Contact: Improve your home’s value today for that fabulous sale tomorrow.


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