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Retro Travel: What Aussies love about travel has stood the test of time


NEW research reveals the best parts of travel are timeless, with 71% of Aussies agreeing it’s the memories they make along the way.

Whether it’s a picnic under the Eiffel Tower or admiring the timeless beauty of the Greek Islands, over half (54%) of Aussies agree that sightseeing remains the most loved part of travel.

Whether it’s back in 1962 or today in 2022, Aussies love to immerse themselves in new cultures (42%) and new experiences (40%).

Even though what we loved about travel hasn’t changed, the essentials we pack have certainly evolved.

Pre-2000s, over a third (37%) of Aussies wouldn’t leave home without a guidebook.

Now, they’re mostly collecting dust in the local Vinnies and the majority (96%) of travellers use their smartphones.

Clearly, technology has become an essential part of travelling the world, with an astounding four in five (80%) Aussies unable to travel without Google Maps.

Power banks (33%), Noise-cancelling headphones (16%), HD cameras (15%) and cable organisers (11%) closely follow as travel non-negotiables.

With more than half (51%) of Aussies missing being truly in the moment when travelling in 2022, it’s time we embrace the basics and make room to create memories.

To remind people of the everlasting moments of travel, Contiki partnered with Millie Ford, one of the nation’s favourite TikTok creators for the Sixties Suitcase Challenge.

Armed with a polaroid, a retro radio and some swinging sixties fashion, Millie experienced a Contiki tour straight from 1962: no auto-translate, no apps and no internet.

In fact, retro travel has become one of the most desired ways to see the world, with one in three (38%) Aussies wishing they travel how they did in the 1960s – without technology to assist and a larger focus on making friends.

Celebrating 60 years of travelling around the world, Contiki reveals the things Aussies are missing about vintage travel are still the things we love about travel today.

Despite the changes in popular destinations, travel styles and the changes technology has brought to the overall experience, at heart Aussies desire human connection.

So next time we hit the tarp, Contiki encourages Aussies to put away their phones and focus on what matters: creating new memories, new experiences, and new friends.

What are you packing?

Even though what we love about travel hasn’t changed, the essentials that we pack have certainly evolved. Pre-2000s, more than one in three Aussies (37%) wouldn’t leave home without a guidebook. Now, they’re mostly collecting dust in your local Vinnies or your grandparents’ attic.


  • Local currency (68%)
  • Film camera (62%)
  • Guidebook (37%)
  • Map (28%)
  • Address book (20%)


  • Smartphone (96%)
  • Power bank (33%)
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (16%)
  • HD camera (15%)
  • Cable organiser (11%)

With four in five Aussies (80%) unable to travel without Google Maps, it’s no wonder a paper map feels like a relic from a long-lost time.

Facebook (34%), Google Translate (32%), Instagram (21%) and YouTube (17%) follow behind as the most popular travel apps.

Aussie Boomers (aged over 61) are the heaviest users of photo and video editing apps when travelling, with one in five (21%) unable to live without them compared to one in 10 (11%) of those across Gen Z to Gen X (18- to 49-year-olds specifically).

Millennials and Gen X-ers aged in their 40s are also the most likely to flex their vacay, with over half (56%) posting on socials to show off their travels, compared to two in five (38%) of all Aussies.

Check out what Contiki Managing Director of Australian and New Zealand Toni Ambler says!

 About Contiki: Contiki is a world leader in social youth travel, providing amazing travel experiences for young travellers, from 18 to 35 years old, since 1962.

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