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Kasukabe uni cements bond with Fraser Coast

USQ’s status as a local university with global connections was reinforced when the university officially recognised its relationship with Kasukabe’s Kyoei University in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

USQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Jan Thomas said the document’s signing symbolised the dynamic connection between the two organisations.

“Our association with Kyoei University continues to grow and is indicative of the hard work being done between both institutions,” Professor Thomas said.

Kyoei handshake

Kyoei University President Akira Kato (left) and USQ Fraser Coast Executive Manager Brett Langabeer celebrate the signing of an MOU, supported by Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell and university staff.

USQ Fraser Coast Executive Manager Brett Langabeer said that yesterday (Wednesday June 5, 2015) was an exciting day for the USQ and the Fraser Coast region.

“In April last year, USQ’s Michelle Hay and Kate Kuzma, through the Kasukabe International Friendship Association, visited the Japanese city 30km north of Tokyo to connect with Kyoei University, Mr Langabeer said.

“That connection led to the visit of Kyoei University President Akira Kato to USQ Fraser Coast to look at developing business between the two universities.

“Yesterday, President Kato and USQ, under an MOU between the two institutions have agreed USQ Fraser Coast will host 30 Japanese students in 2017.

“That intake will lay the foundation for the annual participation of their students in an intensive English program in Semester 1 followed by four business courses in Semester 2.

“This builds on the relationship that started last weekend with the arrival of 20 students in Hervey Bay on a study tour.”

Mr Langabeer said the MOU ensured Japanese students would travel to Australia studying English and business into the future, bringing great opportunities for USQ and the Fraser Coast region.

“It adds culture and diversity and has far-reaching benefits for both universities,” he said.

“USQ is thankful to the Kasukabe International Friendship Association that helped ignite this relationship, which on all indications will prosper in the future.

“We’re very excited about Kyoei’s global education strategy, which has been very innovative in how they connect with other countries and universities to give their students opportunities to diversify, develop their English skills and look for job opportunities.”

President Kato said he was “much pleased” with Kyoei University’s relationship with USQ.

“Education in English and business will make our students more familiar with English conversation and open their eyes to the world,” he said.

“I aim to make my university be more globalised with greater assistance with USQ.

“Globalisation will progress to better understanding and support for my people and government.”


Feature photo: The Japanese Garden in Toowoomba, Qld, is the largest traditionally designed Japanese Garden in Australia.

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