Hello Fraser Coast

Step into my world, the Fraser Coast in Queensland, where I’ve called home for almost three decades.
Here, you’ll find World Heritage-listed natural wonders, making it the prime location to watch humpback whales in action.
Explore K’gari, the world’s largest sand island, check out Hervey Bay’s beaches,
or dive into the military and cultural hubs of Maryborough, the birthplace of Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers.

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Where Coastal Magic and Cultural Heritage Converge


Discover the charm of Maryborough on  Queensland’s Fraser Coast, through our blogs! Wander through historic streets, explore heritage-listed sites, and dive into the local arts scene. Whether you’re planning a visit or contemplating a move, our articles unveil the enriching experiences that define Maryborough. Click the headline link and let the journey begin!


Embark on a virtual journey to K’gari, formerly Fraser Island! Dive into the world of sandy dunes, pristine lakes, and unique wildlife, and let the narratives transport you. Whether you’re planning an adventure or simply curious, click the headline link for articles filled with travel insights, expert tips, and breathtaking visuals that bring the beauty of K’gari to life!

Hervey Bay

Immerse yourself in the allure of Hervey Bay with our blogs! Uncover the best spots for whale watching, explore long white sandy beaches, and savour the local culinary delights. Whether you’re planning a visit or dreaming of coastal living, our articles provide an insider’s guide to the vibrant experiences awaiting you. Click the headline link to embark on your journey!

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