Walk among the Giant Tingle Trees

The Majestic Tingle Trees: Explore the Forest Canopy

THE majestic giant tingle trees in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park hold a rich history that spans centuries. If these trees could talk, they would undoubtedly have fascinating tales to tell.

Standing tall for over four hundred years, these ancient giants have witnessed the arrival of European settlers and the growth of the southwest corner of Western Australia.

Today, visitors can walk among the towering tingle trees and experience the awe-inspiring Tree Top Walk, offering a unique perspective from the forest canopy.

Giant Tingle Trees

Jocelyn and her husband Don Watts on a Giant Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants in 2007.

A Journey through Time in Walpole-Nornalup National Park

King Charles I of England, ruling from 1625 to 1649, was but a pup when the mighty tingle trees in the Valley of the Giants began their journey towards the sky.

These enormous trees have weathered the passage of time and silently bear witness to the footsteps of pioneers who walked among them during the settlement of Western Australia’s southwest region.

The red tingle tree, found within this magnificent forest, is renowned as one of the largest trees in the whole of Western Australia. With a girth of up to 16 meters at the base, these giants establish sturdy buttresses to support themselves due to relatively small root systems.

As visitors venture along the suspended steel walkways of the Tree Top Walk, linked with circular platforms, they are offered an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the forest canopy. This 600-meter one-way loop lifts individuals about 40 meters above the forest floor, providing breathtaking bird’s eye views of the surrounding landscape.

Descending from the heights of the Tree Top Walk, a path leads to the Ancient Empire Walk, where explorers can meander through the understorey of the forest.

This captivating trail allows visitors to get up close and personal with the unique flora and fauna that thrive amidst the tingle trees. Feel the presence of countless generations as you stroll through this awe-inspiring forest, breathing in the fresh scent of nature and marveling at the depths of history contained within each tree’s embrace.

The Ancient Empire Walk serves as a reminder of the resilience and grandeur of these ancient giants. As you wander through the forest understorey, you’ll encounter gnarled trunks and twisted root systems that tell stories of resilience and adaptation.

It’s an immersive experience that allows you to connect with the natural world in a profound way, fostering a sense of reverence for the power and beauty of nature.



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Embrace the Power of Nature: A Reverent Walk among the Tingle Trees

Walking among the tingle trees in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park is a journey through time. These colossal ancient giants have stood tall for centuries, silently witnessing the passage of history and welcoming generations of visitors to experience their awe-inspiring presence.

The Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk offer an opportunity to connect with nature in a unique and profound way, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in the majesty of the forest canopy and explore the understorey that teems with life.

So, lace up your shoes and embark on a journey that intertwines past and present—a walk among the tingle trees that will leave you with a deep appreciation for the remarkable beauty and endurance of nature.

Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Walpole-Nornalup National Park

To experience the wonder of the tingle trees and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, plan your visit today.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire Walk, where history and nature intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. Join us on this extraordinary journey through time and nature!

How to get there

The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is at Tingledale, Western Australia, in the Walpole Wilderness.

For more information and bookings, visit https://www.valleyofthegiants.com.au/listing/tree-top-walk/


First published 2013; updated 18 September 2023

PHOTOS: Jocelyn Watts


Giant Tingle Trees - Bridge

Giant Tingle Trees - giant tree trunk

Giant Tingle Tree Trunk.
















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