Copywriting for the tourism and hospitality industries

Helping hotels and resorts with copy so their rooms are full

If you’re in the tourism industry, you know accommodation is only part of the equation. You also need to make sure your marketing is on point in order to attract guests. That’s where Jocelyn comes in. From website copy to brochures and beyond, she can help you with creative copy that makes your business shine. Contact Jocelyn today!

Helping restaurants and cafes with copy that attracts foodies

Whether you’re advertising a new restaurant or want to update your brand, compelling copy will make all the difference. You need to strike the right balance between informative and persuasive, while also keeping your audience in mind. That’s where Jocelyn can help you put your best foot forward to impress foodies. Contact Jocelyn today!

Helping wellness retreats with copy so clients seek them out

Anyone in the wellness industry knows health is more than just physical. It’s also mental, emotional, and spiritual. One of the best ways to promote wellness tourism is through copywriting. Whatever your copywriting needs, Jocelyn can help you get your message out there in a way that resonates with your readers. Contact Jocelyn today!

Jocelyn Watts, crafting content that captures people’s attention, strengthens the bond between your brand and potential customers, and drives up lead generation…

now that’ll give you an edge!

Copywriting - feature pen logoJocelyn is a Queensland-based copywriter with an extensive background in print media, corporate communications, business, and photography.

Today, she manages and edits Jocelyn Magazine, a digital lifestyle publication that focuses on travel and leisure to inspire people who want to live their best lives now.

She also loves helping other business owners boost their brands through freelance copywriting services.

Throughout her 25-year career in regional media, Jocelyn was a senior news reporter and editor as well as a writer of feature articles on lifestyle topics including travel, health, fitness, entertainment, and home living.

Her corporate communications positions involved tertiary education institutions, a private hospital, and local government.

Having travelled extensively throughout Australia, and internationally to New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, England, Ireland, Canada, and the USA, she also has in-depth personal knowledge of the tourism industry.

In addition to her Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Public Relations) studies, Jocelyn holds an Advanced Diploma in Business, and is a graduate of several Australian Writers’ Centre courses tutored by Bernadette Schwerdt, The Copywriting Coach, Copy School.


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What Jocelyn’s customers say

“It was a genuine pleasure to work with Jocelyn. Her process was very streamlined and professional, and she made it easy for me to answer the briefing questions. I really enjoyed seeing my business presented in a new light, as it’s not often we get to see how our business is perceived by others. I highly recommend working with Jocelyn!”

“Working with Jocelyn was a pleasure. Her professional manner streamlined the article writing and production process. It was a satisfying experience to see how she interpreted our business and showcased our products and services. If you’re looking for an engaging, successful outcome with your digital presence, I highly recommend working with Jocelyn.”

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