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A Taste of Italy and the Sea: Barrel n Vine Unveiled

EXPERIENCE the flavours of Italy without leaving Hervey Bay at Barrel n Vine, the city’s newest hotspot for dining delights. On Charlton Esplanade in Torquay, this new restaurant and wine bar blends Italian flavours and seafood in a European-inspired ambience.

The new venue is the creation of Joe and Rachael Nocera who bring a wealth of hospitality experience to the table. Barrel n Vine follows their successful ventures at Ignite by Dockside, Seasar’s Seafood on Bribie Island, and Dock n Dine on the Sunshine Coast.

Next to the Beach Motel, the new restaurant occupies the premises previously tenanted by various establishments, including Playa Concha, Seaside Cafe and Restaurant, the Tangy Pickle, and most recently, Soprano’s Restaurant and Bar.

Barrel n Vine - Exterior view

Savouring Coastal Charm at Barrel n Vine on the Esplanade in Torquay.


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A Taste of Tradition at Hervey Bay’s New Dining Spot

During our Monday evening visit, the restaurant buzzed with activity, having already successfully established itself as a favourite among locals and tourists. The welcoming staff greeted us with a friendly smile, and “Poppa Bear,” a family patriarch, kindly shared anecdotes about the restaurant’s history.

As we entered the modern interior furnished with elegant black dining tables and chairs, our attention was captured by the vintage black and white photographs gracing the walls. Among them were fascinating scenes such as a Venetian canal, an Italian kitchen, and a vintage car winding through an alpine road. We speculated that the latter photograph might have been captured in the northern regions of Italy, known for their picturesque alpine landscapes and scenic routes.

Classic hits from Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, and Olivia Newton-John enhanced the nostalgic tone, giving the ambience a comforting familiarity. This playlist added warmth and relaxation to the atmosphere, making for an inviting experience.

Perusing the menu, we were enticed by the diverse array of offerings, showcasing the best of Italian cuisine, seafood, and drinks. The selection of cocktails, including the Mediterranean Margarita and Lemoncello Spritz, promised a delightful start to our dining experience.

One highlight that caught our attention was the Seafood Plate for 2, featuring a combination of Black Garlic Bug, Saltwater Barramundi, Calamari Fritti, and more, accompanied by house-made Tartare and Boozy Seafood Sauce. The option to elevate the experience with Gin & Shiraz Salmon Caviar intrigued us further.

As we delved deeper into the menu, we discovered a tempting variety of dishes, ranging from traditional Italian pizzas to sumptuous seafood delights. The Prawn Fritti and Porchetta stood out as must-try options. Additionally, the Coconut Chilli Crab Linguini sounded like an irresistible fusion of flavours, offering a unique twist on a classic pasta dish. With options like Diavola Pizza, Rib Fillet Steak, and Tiramisu rounding out the menu, there was something to satisfy every craving.

Our Culinary Journey at Barrel n Vine

We decided on Chicken Milanese and Veal Scaloppine AI Funghi for our main courses. The Chicken Milanese offered a delightful twist on the classic schnitzel, originating from northern Italy. It was perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The Veal Scaloppine AI Funghi, a timeless Italian favourite, featured tender veal smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce that was rich and indulgent.

As we perused Barrel n Vine’s wine and beverage list, we were impressed by the extensive selection. After much deliberation, we settled on glasses of Pino Grigio Delle Venezie Capitolo 06 from Veneto, Italy, and a refreshing Kaapzicht Pinotage Rose from South Africa. Both wines proved to be excellent companions to our meals, enhancing the flavours of our dishes.

To conclude our Italian culinary adventure at Barrel n Vine, we couldn’t resist indulging in dessert. We opted for the velvety smoothness of Panna Cotta, topped with luscious honey and passionfruit. Each spoonful was a perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess, providing a satisfying finale to our meal.

As we savoured the last bites, we reflected on the exceptional dining experience we had enjoyed and looked forward to our next visit to this culinary gem in Hervey Bay. For anyone seeking a trip down memory lane paired with exquisite cuisine and wines, this new restaurant is an unmissable destination.

Barrel n Vine in Hervey Bay is open Thursday to Monday for dinner, and Friday to Sunday for lunch.


Barrel n Vine - a collage of photos

If you go:

Barrel n Vine
Italian | Seafood | Wine Bar
473 Charlton Esplanade
Hervey Bay, QLD,
P: +61 (07) 4334 0892
W: barrelnvine.com.au


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Revamped Motel Caloundra targets net-zero status

CALOUNDRA, a popular coastal destination in Queensland, has welcomed the grand opening of Motel Caloundra after an impressive transformation of the former Caloundra City Centre Motel.

Led by Andrew and Lucy Pink, renowned hotel developers and designers, in partnership with Scott Armstrong of Maeva Hospitality, the rejuvenated hotel aims to offer a stylish and serene experience in the heart of the city, as the Sunshine Coast’s first net-zero energy hotel.

Located opposite The Events Centre and the site of the proposed Sunshine Coast Regional Gallery, Motel Caloundra unveils as part of the Caloundra Centre Master Plan’s effort to create a vibrant community and creative arts hub.

Motel Caloundra - woman in a motel lounge room

Continuing the trend

The Pinks’ newest hotel transformation follows two highly successful restorations over the past three years.

Their first Sunshine Coast venture was the conversion of Riverpark Maroochy Motel into the immediately Instafamous Loea Boutique Hotel, and then everything old was made new again at the heritage Maleny Lodge in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The nine-room Motel Caloundra is able to boast “location, location, location”, but had seen better days when the Pinks and Scott Armstrong began their modernisation of the property.

Motel make-over modernises the property

Rooms and bathrooms were stripped back to concrete and redesigned, new double-glazed windows were installed for soundproofing and insulation, and deluxe interiors – including king beds with organic cotton sheets – and smart TVs with Netflix installed.

Superior king rooms also have a private outdoor balcony and dedicated car parking space.

As part of the redevelopment a family suite and apartment were added. Both offer two bedrooms, living areas, private balconies, and car spaces, and the apartment also includes a fully equipped kitchen.

Guests have access to Oggy E-scooters (for rent) on-site to discover Caloundra’s coastal paths, and the motel is just a short walk to the town’s beaches, restaurants, cafes, bars, and renowned street art trail.

A feature of the motel’s transformation is the installation of a rooftop bank of 47 solar panels, which will produce 19.50kw of power during the day, and batteries which will produce a further 23kw of power during the evening, allowing the hotel to operate for most of the time without need for external energy sources.

Motel Caloundra - multiple views of the make-over

Motel plays key role in Caloundra’s development

Motel Caloundra’s developers were drawn to the property by its central location and the potential for it to play an important role in Caloundra’s future development.

“There’s no doubt that we are right in the heart of Caloundra’s future development plans, which are very exciting,” Andrew Pink said.

“To be just a short walk from Caloundra’s beaches and across the road from The Events Centre and the future regional gallery makes it even more important for visitors to have access to high-quality accommodation.

We will also work closely with The Events Centre to facilitate their requirements for VIP accommodation for performers and delegates.

“Scott and I have gone out of our way to make the hotel a model of sustainability, given the Sunshine Coast’s commitment to sustainability and its UNESCO biosphere status.”

Motel Caloundra - markets

Revamped motel poised to shape sustainable tourism

With Motel Caloundra’s dedication to sustainable practices, such as the installation of a solar panel bank on the rooftop, capable of producing its own energy during the day and at night, the hotel aims to become the Sunshine Coast’s first net-zero energy hotel.

Matt Stoeckel, the CEO of Visit Sunshine Coast, praises the hotel’s commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning with the region’s reputation as a UNESCO biosphere.

As Caloundra continues to thrive as a tourism destination, this revamped hotel is expected to play a significant role in shaping the area’s future development, not only as a recreational paradise but also as a major hub for events, conferences, and cultural pursuits.

Motel Caloundra - seascape

Book your stay at Motel Caloundra

Guests can now book their stays at Motel Caloundra, with rates starting from $180 per night for a Standard King Room, ensuring a comfortable, eco-friendly, and unforgettable experience in Caloundra.

To book, click this link: MOTEL CALOUNDRA

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Story and photos contributed by Sunshine Coast Tourism. Published: 4 October 2023.


Take a day trip to Conondale National Park

While visiting the Sunshine Coast, take a day trip to the swimming hole at Booloumba Creek in Conondale National Park. Enjoy the stunning turquoise and emerald waters, and explore the park’s walking trails, including the scenic Booloumba Falls.
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‘Tis the season to see humpback whales in the wild

WHAT could be more idyllic than a perfect day in paradise, watching majestic humpback whales breaching and blowing?

The moment we stepped onboard Whale One with Sunreef Mooloolaba at The Wharf, it was obvious we were in for an exceptional whale-watching tour.

The blue sky stretched endlessly above us, and the glittering ocean below was (almost) smooth as glass.

The excited chatter of fellow travellers filled the air; some had seen whales before, but for many, it was their whale-watching debut.

Dolphins frolicking and humpbacks breaching gave us an amazing tour filled with new experiences.

Whether you’re an experienced ocean explorer or just looking to try something new, this is certainly a day trip not to be missed.

Our tour went like this…

Sunreef Mooloolaba - Whale One

Sunreef Mooloolaba’s Whale One is set for another day of whale-watching adventure.

Experience the thrill of whale watching in paradise

Welcome aboard, mates! Captain Paul here, with our trusty crew – Heidi, Savannah and Rebecca, and our assistant Dan (aka Salty)… although none of us really knows what he does!

Now, Heidi gave us a great rundown on the boat’s safety features and what to do if you’re feeling seasick.

If you are, head downstairs where the boat is more stable and where you can get some fresh air. The top deck can get a bit rocky!

And hey, let’s not forget the open bar with delicious cocktails, chips, and snacks on offer.

Sunreef Mooloolaba - humpback whale breaching

A humpback whale breaching.

But all that doesn’t compare to the sight we’re hoping to see – the majestic humpback whales! These creatures have been around for millions of years, and they’ve got some awesome skills to show off.

Keep your eyes peeled for breaches, where they jump out of the water and land with a tremendous splash, or the blow that comes from a hole on top of their head; you’ll see a huge puff of air for about five seconds, shooting up to four to five metres in height.

We’ve got everyone on whale patrol, so if you spot anything, call it out, loud and proud, like we’re a clock – 12 o’clock for anything on the bow, 6 o’clock on the stern, 3 o’clock on the starboard side, and 9 o’clock on the port side – and estimate the distance, if you can.

It could be whales, dolphins, or any other sea creatures surfacing.

Today’s a calm day, which should make it easier to spot whales… unless they decide to hold their breath for up to 45 minutes! But they usually only hold it for 5 to 15 minutes on their migration, as they are now, on their way from the Antarctic, through Sunshine Coast waters to Hervey Bay & K’gari.

As we leave Mooloolaba for our four-hour tour, be sure to take in the beautiful scenery.

Sunreef Mooloolaba

One of the many stunning houses seen along the shore of Mooloolaba bay as we headed out to see on Whale One.

Get your binoculars ready for a whale adventure

As soon as the music started playing, a group of young adults started dancing on the top deck. The playlist included hits such as Notion by Kings of Leon, Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show, and No Ceiling by Eddie Vedder.

Australia has a whopping 45 species of whales, but on this trip, we were on the lookout for the humpbacks. They’re usually easy to spot thanks to their unique features–a sleek dark grey or black body with white patches along the belly, and pectoral fins.

Sunreef Mooloolaba

Kaye Browne from Food Wine Pets Travel.

Sunreef Mooloolaba - Jocelyn & Brian

The writer of this article, Jocelyn Watts, and Brian Pickering from Food Wine Pets Travel.

Heidi, one of the knowledgeable crew members, said to watch for blows in the distance. If you spot a whale’s tail popping up and diving, it’s a good sign they’re preparing to breach. After about 15 minutes, the colossal creature emerges from the water.

At around 9 o’clock (port side), we had our first sighting of a humpback’s body near the surface.

Later, about two and a half hours into the trip, we experienced what we had all been waiting for–a stunning double breach at around 3 o’clock (stern side), some 100 to 200 meters away from us.

The crowd erupted into a chorus of “oohs” and “ahs.”

Some of us were lucky enough to witness these majestic creatures for the first time, while others were back for another round.

“A sublime day in paradise!” – Marie Walton-Mahon.

Marie Walton-Mahon OAM, from PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) Dance, had booked her third cruise with Sunreef Mooloolaba.

The company offers a 100% guarantee that you’ll see a whale or the next trip is on them. Marie noted that on her two previous trips, the most exciting animals she saw were pelicans.

On this trip, a very excited Marie exclaimed, “Those two that were jumping up and down, synchronised, were absolutely spectacular! Happy days! It was a sublime day in paradise!”

“A sublime day in paradise!” – Whale watcher Marie Walton-Mahon OAM.

Sail away to encounter whales with Sunreef Mooloolaba

All things considered, this day of whale watching was an incredible one. We could not have asked for a better experience; the crew was incredibly friendly and helpful, and they kept the amenities immaculate.

We’d highly suggest to anyone looking for a similar activity, that they join a Sunreef whale-watching tour. The scenery and wildlife around us were breathtaking; it truly felt like paradise.

I’d like to end this writeup by saying a big thank you to everyone at Sunreef Mooloolaba –they made our cruise as perfect as possible – and Visit Sunshine Coast for their assistance.

For an unforgettable experience filled with fun and excitement, head over to the Sunreef website (https://Sunreef Mooloolaba.com.au/whales/) and book your tickets.

Humpback whales generally come to the Queensland coast from late Autumn to late Spring. During this time, they migrate through Sunshine Coast waters to Hervey Bay & K’gari where you can catch mothers with their newborn calves, and on to the Great Barrier Reef before returning south again.

Spectacular views, chance encounters with some lovely ocean life, and a friendly, knowledgeable crew are all worth it. Happy sailing!

Sunreef Mooloolaba

A humpback whale blow! Photo: Shutterstock

Check out this amazing video from FoodWinePetsTravel!

Jocelyn Magazine and FoodWinePetsTravel were guests of Sunreef Mooloolaba and Visit Sunshine Coast.



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Bumbles Cafe: A Must Try on the Gold Coast

LOOKING for a great spot to grab a bite while visiting the Gold Coast?

Look no further than Bumbles Cafe, located a mere 5-minute walk from the heart of Surfers Paradise.

Last week I paid a visit with relatives and we were certainly not disappointed!

We took advantage of their delicious breakfast menu, which was full of traditional favourites like bacon and eggs, as well as some more contemporary options like Halloumi Hula.

The latter dish was my choice—it included halloumi cheese topped with grilled zucchini, pea pesto, poached eggs, and roasted field mushrooms.

It was so delicious that I would definitely order it again on my next visit.

We were all pleased with our meals. The ingredients were fresh and the portions generous—the perfect way to start the day.

The service was also impeccable; the staff was friendly, knowledgeable about the menu items, and quick to clear away plates when we had finished eating.

Besides the amazing food and service, the cafe is full of character. The decor is modern chic with vintage flair, which just added to its charm.

Not only is Bumbles Cafe a brilliant spot for breakfast, it’s also perfect for lunch.

Their lunch menu offers everything from prawn pies to focaccias or fish and chips, through to the Queen Bee Burger or Fragrant Asian Chicken Salad, and more—definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a delicious meal after exploring all that Surfers Paradise offers.



As a Booking.com affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through links in this post.


Bumbles Cafe - Halloumi Hula

Halloumi Hula included halloumi cheese topped with grilled zucchini, pea pesto, poached eggs, and roasted field mushrooms.

Bumbles Cafe - traditional dishes

The breakfast menu was full of traditional favourites.  PHOTOS: Jocelyn Watts


Enjoy an unforgettable High Tea

Bumbles Cafe on Budds Beach is also the perfect place for a special moment with friends or family.

Why not book one of their private rooms and celebrate your next baby shower, birthday, or bridal party in style?

Or, enjoy an unforgettable High Tea any day of the week to treat yourself and your friends.

With delicious options like tea sandwiches, quiche, home-made sausage rolls, and smoked salmon blinis, served alongside sweet delights such as scones with jam and cream plus fruit custard tart macarons and raspberry brownie slice—it’s sure to be a hit!

And don’t forget you can select regular, gluten-free, or vegan high teas, plus add on that all-important glass of bubbles for extra indulgence.

Bumbles Cafe - waiter holding a tray of glasses

The service at Bumbles Cafe was impeccable, and the cakes are legendary!

Community hub

Bumbles Cafe owner Kate Madison has never been short of ambition.

From running Cafe Mocha, Madisons at the Oasis, and 3 Beans Espresso Bar—Kate had big dreams for all her projects.

After selling Madisons and 3 Beans, Kate took a break from Gold Coast, but there was no place like home and a year later, she returned, excited about what the future held.

When the former convenience store on the Bumbles site closed down, she couldn’t resist taking a chance on it with ideas bubbling away in her head ready to create something spectacular again.

Customers have often asked her how this quirky cafe got its name—all it took were some doodles of hers, an internet search or two, oh, and maybe a glass (or few) of white wine!

Bumbles Cafe is now an iconic café on Queensland’s iconic Gold Coast.

On weekday mornings, you’ll find lawyers in pinstripe suits holding business meetings over coffee and cake, or book club ladies catching up for a chat—but come the weekend, it’s all about friends and families tucking into some delicious breakfast or lunch dishes.

No matter what your occasion or time of day Bumbles has become part of everyday life on the Gold Coast.

Cafe worth visiting

If you’re ever visiting Surfers Paradise or anywhere nearby on the Gold Coast, be sure to stop by Bumbles Cafe for breakfast or lunch (or both).

You won’t regret your decision—trust me!

From its charming decor and friendly staff to its delicious food made with local ingredients—there’s something for everyone at Bumbles Cafe.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a wonderful breakfast or lunch while exploring this beautiful part of Australia!

Bumbles Cafe - Interiors

Bumbles Cafe has several rooms suitable for small and large gatherings. PHOTOS: Jocelyn Watts


If you go…

A: 19 River Drive, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
P: 07 5538 6668
W: https://www.bumblescafe.com/



Start your weight-loss journey with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Interested in losing weight and keeping it off for good? Look no further!

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has designed a fantastic program designed to do just that. With higher protein, low GI eating plans, you can reduce cravings and feel fuller for longer.

Plus, the program includes proven weight loss tools to create positive, lifelong habits that will help you achieve your goals. Ready to start your journey to a healthier you? Click this link to join the program today!

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The McGuigan Hunter Valley Wines label is one that has been around for over 100 years, and the family has consistently put out some great wines. McGuigan has been crowned International Winemaker of the Year at four consecutive competitions. Their dedication to crafting Australian wines is reflected in this feat making them one of the best Aussie vinos.

Three taste testers agree McGuigan is a winner

WHILE travelling through the Hunter Valley to celebrate my 50th birthday with my now late husband, we visited McGuigan’s Cellar Door and I still recall feeling welcome, comfortable and well-informed.

So when I recently had the opportunity to review five wines from their full collection, I was keen to relive that enjoyable experience, albeit remotely.

To add to the experience, I invited fellow wine lovers – Brian Pickering and Kaye Browne from FoodWinePetsTravel.com – to join me in a home wine tasting session.

We’re not professional wine tasters but we know what our eyes, noses and palates like, and collectively we represent a wide range of wine lovers from across Australia.

Each of the five wines was unique and delicious in its own way, but there were a few standouts. Here are our thoughts.



Disclosure: As a Booking.com affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases made through links in this post.

1. 2020 McGuigan Cellar Select Pinot Grigio

McGuigans Wine - bottle of wineThis Pinot Grigio is refreshing and light with both floral and fruity aromas. Its tropical fruit flavours come with a hint of apple from the cooler regions.

The dry wine has a big taste but it is still refreshing because isn’t too heavy on the tongue.

The perfect pairing for this elegant wine is seafood dishes such as Australian wild-caught prawns, along with fresh crusty bread, some chilli and tomato salsa.

Brian prefers red wines; however, he did enjoy this white regardless since its nuances were different from most other whites he has tried before.

McGUIGAN DESCRIPTION: A medium to full-bodied wine, this Pinot Grigio brings a lychee and honeydew aroma with pear and green apple flavours characters that compliment the subtle tannin and a dry, refreshing finish.

2. 2019 McGuigan The Shortlist Hunter Valley Semillon

McGuigan Wine - bottle of wineWhile Brian thought this Semillon was ‘soft’, Kaye said it had a ‘perky’ citrus flavour, especially compared to the Pinot Grigio.

We all agreed that after two or three sips there was an almost honey-like taste in our mouths, which made it incredibly delicious.

It is perfect for seafood or chicken dishes alike. Vegetarians would also love how well this wine pairs with their non-meat meals such as tofu.

McGUIGAN DESCRIPTION: Complex and intense citrus and vanilla characteristics bring a well-balanced acid persistence, perfectly complementing the elegant floral aroma with a hint of herbaceous undertones.

3. 2016 McGuigan Personal Reserve Chardonnay

McGuigan Wine - bottle of wineKaye, a devoted chardonnay fan, thoroughly enjoyed the taste of this “gorgeous, exquisite and luscious” wine, even going so far as to say it was “liquid gold”.

The fruit was sourced from the Hunter Ridge Vineyard in the Hunter Valley to produce this opulent wine.

It was fermented in new French Oak barrels, resulting in a full-bodied wine, balanced and complex.

It has a peach and citrus bouquet flavour, making it a perfect match for seafood and chicken dishes, as well as nice tofu, toasted or oven-fried with roasted vegetables.

The label on this Chardonnay was signed by Brian McGuigan himself, the iconic Australian winemaker at the helm of McGuigan Wines.

McGUIGAN DESCRIPTION:  A lifted peach and citrus bouquet and refined palate make this wine a perfect match for full-flavoured seafood and chicken dishes.

4. 2021 McGuigan Cellar Select Rosé

McGuigan Wine - bottle of wineI was in my element with the McGuigan Cellar Select Rosé. I like most white and red wines, but Rosé is my favourite.

Rosé has come of age in recent years.  Back in the day, it was little of it around and therefore hard to source.

Traditionally Rosé was a sweet dessert wine, but now winemakers are producing much more of this versatile wine in many dry varieties as well.

This McGuigan’s Rosé has a soft salmon hue with intense berry flavours and attractive floral notes with a balanced, dry finish.

It would be equally at home at a casual lunch or to share around a sizzling summer barbecue.

If you don’t really know what wine to take to a barbecue and seafood, chicken, beef, lamb, or even vegetarian dishes could on the menu, this Rosé will have you covered.

It also pairs well with all kinds of cultural foods and desserts.

McGUIGAN DESCRIPTION: Chosen for its intense berry flavours and soft salmon hues. The Shiraz and Tempranillo grapes were carefully selected to deliver this versatile wine with attractive floral notes, ripe raspberry freshness and a balanced dry finish.

5. 2019 McGuigan Cellar Select Hunter Valley Shiraz

McGuigan Wine - bottle of wineNow it was Brian’s turn to be excited. A connoisseur of red wines, he loved the burst of intense ripe berry flavours and earthy influence of this McGuigan’s Shiraz.

The long, warm finish and fine tannins make this wine ideal for red meat dishes such as roast lamb or beef and hearty casseroles.

Even adding a little of this wine to a casserole would greatly enhance its taste.

Although red wines traditionally are served at room temperature, Brian generally likes his chilled, but he wasn’t going to argue anyway.

This Shiraz is brilliant at room temperature or chilled, he said.

McGUIGAN DESCRIPTION: Chosen for its distinct Shiraz characters and rich flavours. Our Shiraz displays lifted floral notes with chocolate and vanilla, which flows through the palate delivering a smooth and balanced wine.

Which wines would you like?

So, which one of these McGuigan Hunter Valley wines will be your favourite?

I’m not sure, but I am sure that you’ll have a great time finding out.

No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to love at least one of them.

So grab a bottle (or two) and get started!


McGuigan Wines - three wine tasters



Thank you

Brian Pickering and Kaye Browne – FoodWinePetsTravel.com

McGuigan Wines – https://www.mcguiganwines.com.au/

Australian Vintage Limited (AVL) – https://www.australianvintage.com.au/

Santy Lawrensia, Digital Marketing Specialist, Jaywing Australia





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