Australian birds: the beautiful and fascinating


Australia is home to some of nature’s most beautiful and fascinating birds.

From land birds such as parrots and honeyeaters, water birds like ducks with their fancy feathers, and flightless emus – Australia has it all!

Don’t forget our native performers including brolgas, and bowerbirds that build beautiful nests to show off their creativity while attracting partners for breeding purposes.

Birds in culture

The connection between birds and human culture is deep.

Not only are many cultures around the world enthralled with these flying creatures, but birds have appeared as symbols for centuries in mythology and religious artwork.

Whether it is ancient Egypt or modern-day Japan, there is often a prevalent bird theme in their culture.

In many cultures, people believe birds represent immortality, while others see them as spirit messengers who bring heavenly messages to us on Earth.

Today, it’s also widely believed that modern birds descended from a group that included meat-eating dinosaurs known as theropods.

Symbol of freedom and enlightenment

No matter what spiritual or worldly nature you have, the bird is most often seen as a symbol of freedom and enlightenment.

Their bones are hollow, making them light enough to fly through open blue skies on wings, soaring freely above all worries.

My late husband, Don Watts, was an avid birdwatcher, not for any religious or cultural reasons. He simply loved watching them.

Since he passed in 2013, my family has made a tradition of scattering bird seeds on special occasions to honour his memory.

Today, his birthday, I’ve put together a gallery of bird photos that I’ve taken over several years to share with you.

Australia is also home to many fascinating animals. Here’s a link to other Australian wildlife, including dingoes on K’Gari (Fraser Island).

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