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In The Footsteps Of Giants: Dinosaurs in Qld

Journey to Queensland’s lost world of dinosaurs In Part Two of our series on dinosaurs, Peter Woodland takes you through Charleville and Barcaldine before heading deeper into Queensland where you can find more prehistoric reptile fossils near Winton. Keep reading! WHERE to from Lightning Ridge? North! We’re heading to Winton, but there are a few […]

In The Footsteps of Giants: Dinosaur Trails

Explore dinosaur trails less travelled HAVE you ever wanted to take a journey in the footsteps of giants? One that is less travelled by man, and full of prehistoric wonder! Well, now’s your chance because Australia’s dinosaur trails have opened up in this amazing world. But if you’re already a dedicated traveller, there may be […]

Coat of Arms: Maryborough, Qld

The story behind Maryborough’s coat of arms Did you know that Maryborough, Queensland, has its own coat of arms? If you’re visiting the Heritage City, you can see its coat of arms on a wall facing the Town Hall Green. Titled ‘The Crest’, it is one of 40+ murals that make up the Maryborough Mural […]

Are crocodiles dinosaurs?

Crocodiles were prehistoric but they’re not dinosaurs CROCODILES are in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. They are reptiles like lizards, turtles and snakes and they have a very ancient lineage. Crocodiles belong to the clade Archosaur. A clade is a group of organisms that have a common ancestor. Interestingly, Archosaurs also include […]


Understanding Cemetery Symbols

What do the cemetery symbols and emblems mean? Have you ever wondered about the symbols and emblems found on headstones and monuments at the cemetery? If you grew up in a religious family, there were no doubt some symbols that appeared frequently. For me, it was the Celtic Cross. This is an interesting combination, including […]

Clochemerle, loos, and all that …

What’s with the pissoir in Clochemerle? WHEN I was a boy, I think my mother had a problem with toilets. Not the functions but the architecture. Mum was quite “distressed” by the outhouse, which was situated some 10 metres from the house, out in the back yard. Hence, the one horror story she recounted of […]

Learn mortuary chapel history

Mortuary chapel, the nucleus of M’boro Cemetery Have you ever been to the Maryborough Cemetery; the Monumental Cemetery, south of Walker St? Of course, you have! However, if you have visitors and you’re looking for something interesting on a balmy afternoon, there’s no better place to visit. Apart from the forest of beautiful and interesting […]

Kudos for Francis Stanley

Who was Francis Stanley? Francis Drummond Greville Stanley. That’s a name to conjure. “Who was he?”, many of you may ask and yet you will all know his work. Francis Stanley was born in Edinburgh in 1839 and came to Queensland in 1860 or thereabouts. He was an Edinburgh-trained architect and began work with the […]

Queensland Macadamia Nut

Is it the Queensland, Macadamia or Bauple nut? WHEN I was a boy, we’d occasionally get a treat that we knew as a Queensland nut. I was amazed to learn a few years later they came from Hawaii. That’s only part of the story though and, as with many stories, it involves bias and inaccuracies. […]

Pineapples for prestige

What’s the deal with so many pineapple motifs? Have you ever wondered why pineapple motifs are a recurring theme? I have. It seems like pineapple motifs are everywhere. They’re on shirts, pineapple art, jewellery and ornaments to name just a few. Pineapples are even featured in one of the mosaics adorning Kent Street at Maryborough, […]