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Maryborough Herald EditorJocelyn Watts

Hey there, readers! I’m Jocelyn Watts, your friendly neighbourhood storyteller and founder of Jocelyn Magazine, your digital lifestyle publication covering food, fashion, wellness, travel, and more.

I’ve donned many hats over the years, from newspaper editor to journalist, and even a corporate communications officer, hopping through various industries like a true corporate gypsy.

But life’s too short to be confined to one career, right?

So, I took a detour into the entrepreneurial world with my wedding and portrait photography business. Picture this–capturing life’s precious moments through the lens while embracing the beauty of Queensland’s Fraser Coast, my little slice of paradise.

Now, after 36 years of living, working and travelling with my late husband, Don Watts, I’ve settled into a retired lifestyle, enjoying the wonders of Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and K’gari.

When I’m not busy sharing my latest blog post, and crafting travel narratives and memoirs, you’ll catch me playing croquet, breaking a sweat at the gym, tending to my townhouse, or soaking up moments with family and friends.

Speaking of storytelling, have you checked out the Whistle Stops blog on this website? It’s a portal into the world of Whistle Stops and Heartbeats, where I, a travel writer and photographer, spin tales of laughter and resilience, inspired by the indomitable spirit of my railwayman father, complemented by the wisdom and skills of my home economics and music teacher mother.

It’s a journey through words and imagery that will have you yearning for new horizons.

My mission? To craft a compelling narrative that transcends the personal, offering readers a poignant exploration of resilience, identity, and the human experience. Through storytelling, I aim to inspire, connect, and foster a sense of shared humanity, inviting readers to reflect on their journeys while embracing the transformative power of storytelling and connection.

Why the name? Whistle Stops & Heartbeats isn’t just a title; it’s a symbolic journey through life. ‘Whistle Stops’ signifies those fleeting yet significant events that sparked change or growth, while ‘Heartbeats’ represent the emotional experiences. It’s about reflecting on the interconnectedness of these moments and recognising how they’ve contributed to the person I am today.

Beyond the pen and lens, I’m also a fervent advocate for sustainable living and a proud supporter of mental health charities like Beyond Blue, Lifeline, and the Black Dog Institute.

So, join me on this adventure–whether through the pages of Jocelyn Magazine, the pixels of your screen, or the fleeting moments of your own life. Let’s embrace the transformative power of storytelling and connection, one Whistle Stop and Heartbeat at a time. Cheers to the journey! 🚂💖

Feeling down? Help is just a phone call away!

If you or anyone close to you is distressed or experiencing an emergency, call Triple Zero (000) as soon as possible.

Counselling support services 24/7 include:

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Caractature of Jocelyn Watts blogging on the beach

Jocelyn In The Media

Community Volunteer

Jocelyn is a community volunteer who regularly gives her time, energy, and expertise to various groups.

At the Hervey Bay Croquet & Mallet Sports Club, she is a volunteer content provider and administrator for the club’s Facebook Group.

The former Rotary Club of Maryborough Sunrise member continues to support that club with photography services for its fundraising calendars and special events.

She also volunteers as an usher and doorkeeper at the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough, Queensland.

In 2000, Jocelyn’s submission won the community competition to name the new riverside entertainment and convention venue.

Her early years in the Girl Guide and Scouting movements inspired the name Brolga.

While camping near her hometown of Barcaldine, she watched brolgas dancing at Lara Wetlands and years later re-told the Aboriginal Dreamtime legend of Brolga to Cub Scouts while serving as their leader.

In 2005, another of Jocelyn’s written submissions secured Maryborough, the first Guinness World Record for the most people on a pub crawl.

She has also volunteered her PR and photography skills to community groups, including school committees and Maryborough Masters Swimming.