A Croquet-Lover’s Guide to Exploring the Wide Bay

Discover the Wide Bay on a Croquet Road Trip

Croquet-lover's guide: On a road trip in the Wide Bay area of Queensland.

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LOOKING for a unique way to venture through Queensland’s Wide Bay region during the cooler months of the year (May to August)?

Why not plan a self-drive adventure around the genteel sport with this croquet-lover’s guide? It’s a delightful twist that promises to provide local insights into must-see tourist destinations beyond the glossy brochures.

Whether you’re a croquet novice or a seasoned player, the focus is on fun and exploration. Picture yourself amidst stunning coastal landscapes, where every mallet swing is a step towards uncovering the area’s rich heritage.

Within the Wide Bay region, you will find welcoming croquet communities at Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg, and Childers.

This itinerary lets you customise your route based on your preferences, whether you fly or take a train, then hire a car, or drive. It also ensures plenty of time to explore must-visit tourist spots in the stunning Wide Bay region during your winter croquet holiday.


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Road, Rail, Air: Your Gateways to Wide Bay Adventures

  • If you’re driving along the Bruce Highway from the south, your Wide Bay winter holiday begins in Maryborough. You continue to Hervey Bay and then head to Childers and Bundaberg. Conversely, if you’re arriving from the north, your route starts in Bundaberg. Explore the Burnett area before driving south to Maryborough and Hervey Bay.
  • Queensland Rail’s regular services connect you to stations at Maryborough West and/or Bundaberg. At Maryborough West, hop on a Rail Bus that takes you into the heart of the city, where car hire options await. For details, visit Queensland Rail Travel.
  • Hervey Bay Airport has regular Jetstar and Qantas flights connecting Hervey Bay to Brisbane and Sydney. Jetstar is also introducing a Melbourne route starting on June 20, 2024. For details, visit Hervey Bay Airport Airlines.
  • Bundaberg Regional Airport is serviced by Qantaslink, Link Airways, and Bonza Airline. Qantaslink provides 38 weekly services connecting Bundaberg to Brisbane, while Link Airways offers six services per week on the same route. For details, visit Bundaberg Regional Airport.


The route you choose will vary based on your starting point, while the duration of your stay at each destination will hinge on your croquet schedule and sightseeing preferences. To streamline your trip-planning process, consider using helpful tools like the RACQ Trip Planner online. With its user-friendly interface, RACQ Trip Planner is an ideal starting point among the trip-planning options available.

Read on to learn about the Wide Bay croquet clubs where visitors can enjoy games and discover some highlights of the region’s top attractions.

Heads-up: While we outline an ideal day at each spot, you might consider extending your stay at each location for a richer holiday experience! It’s also advisable to reach out to the croquet clubs in advance to check your visit aligns with their schedule, which may include local, regional, state, and national tournaments.


Croquet & Beyond: Discover the Wide Bay’s Best

Hervey Bay


Venture further: Hervey Bay is the gateway to the World Heritage-listed K’gari (Fraser Island). Join a guided tour or rent a 4WD to explore the world’s largest sand island. Spend the next days exploring the island’s wonders, including Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, and the Maheno shipwreck. Camping options are available for those seeking an immersive experience in nature. For details, visit K’gari. To book a barge, visit Sealink.

Hervey Bay Whale Festival: Experience unparalleled whale watching from July to October as thousands of humpback whales pause in its tranquil waters during migration. Unlike other stops, these majestic creatures linger, allowing for intimate encounters. The annual Hervey Bay Whale Festival celebrates this unique bond, emphasizing ocean conservation and the region’s diverse marine life. Click the link above for details.




Venture further: The Fraser Coast hinterland offers an escape from the beaten path. Explore historic hotels and towns, including the birthplace of the macadamia nut. At the heart of the southern hinterland lies the Mary River, offering breathtaking scenery, serene picnic spots, and ideal conditions for kayaking, camping, and fishing. Don’t miss Tiaro’s old-fashioned pub fare or for history buffs, a visit to Tiaro and Bauple is a must. Cap off your adventure with a visit to Utopia Rock Pools and the Brooweena Museum and Historical Village.

Festivals: The annual Mary Poppins Festival in June/July celebrates the magic of storytelling. Set in the beautiful Queens Park and heritage streetscapes, reminiscent of the Mary Poppins stories, this event delights people of all ages with Poppins-inspired activities. Meanwhile, the Relish Food & Wine Festival in June offers a culinary adventure in the Portside Precinct and Queen’s Park, featuring local cuisine, celebrity chefs, gourmet tastings, and live music. Visitors can also explore regional wineries and indulge in the finest seasonal produce of the Fraser Coast.



Venture further: Explore the eco-paradise of Lady Elliot Island, renowned for its plentiful manta rays, turtles, and pristine coral reefs. Nestled 80 kilometres from Bundaberg, this coral cay offers a wildlife-rich retreat sans spa treatments or phone signals. Dive into an immersive eco-experience focused on snorkelling, scuba diving, and relaxation. You’ll need an airfare to get there, but it’s worth exploring.

Taste Bundaberg Festival: Don’t miss the 10-day culinary extravaganza of the Taste Bundaberg Festival in late August. Indulge in authentic flavours sourced from the region’s bountiful farmlands and pristine coastline, celebrating the dedication of local farmers, distillers, brewers, fishermen, and graziers. With a tasty menu of events to suit every palate, from banquets to barbecues, this festival promises to delight food enthusiasts. For details, visit Taste Bundaberg Festival.



Venture further: Embark on a self-drive winery tour where you can sample a variety of wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy the scenic surroundings of the Childers region.

  • Hill of Promise Winery: Visitors are invited to savour handcrafted wines made from locally grown fruit in a charming family-owned vineyard setting.
  • Ohana Winery & Exotic Fruits: This family-owned winery specializes in producing wines from a variety of exotic fruits grown on their property, offering visitors a unique tasting experience.
  • Vintner’s Secret Vineyard: Situated in Childers, Vintner’s Secret Vineyard produces a range of wines from grapes grown on their estate, with a focus on crafting high-quality, handcrafted wines.

Childers Multicultural Festival: This annual event on the last weekend in July celebrates the cultural diversity of the region and typically features live music and performances, market stalls selling arts and crafts, delicious food from around the world, and family-friendly activities. The festival attracts visitors from near and far and is a celebration of community spirit and cultural exchange in Childers. For details visit Childers Multicultural Festival.


Wrapping up your Croquet-Lover’s Guide to the Wide Bay

As your self-drive adventure through Queensland’s Wide Bay region comes to an end, take a moment to reflect on the memories made and the experiences shared.

From the historic streets of Maryborough, Childers, and Bundaberg to the pristine beaches of Lady Elliot Island, and K’gari, this journey has offered a glimpse into the diverse beauty and rich culture of Australia’s Sunshine State.

And who could forget the delightful detours for croquet games, adding a touch of elegance to your exploration? Until next time, happy travels!

Croquet-lover's Guide: On a road trip in the Wide Bay area of Queensland.

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