Top 11 Inspirational Books of 2021

Courage shines in inspirational tales If you are looking for inspirational stories to read as we head into the new year, you might want to check out these 11 books that tell the stories of ordinary people who have succeeded in the face of adversity. Books from Billy Connolly, Dick Smith, Sonny Bill Williams and […]

Suicide is not a crime

Banishing the ‘C’ word from suicide

"Suicide is no longer a crime" “Suicide is not a sin and is no longer a crime, so we should stop saying that people ‘commit’ suicide.” That message from Beyond Blue advisers was explored by Fraser Coast expert Dr Dorothy Ratnarajah…
pathological behaviour causes stress at work

Pathological behaviour in the workplace

What is pathological behaviour? One of the most dangerous forms of pathological behaviour in the workplace is the long-term covert operation in which the offender uses passive-aggressive techniques that go undetected for years, says Director…
white-water-raftingJocelyn Watts

Tully hosts white water rafting title

Why hold world-class white water rafting championships at Tully? Watching all the adrenalin pumping action on the first day of the 2018 Pre-World White Water Rafting Championship on 11 May was certainly a highlight of my five-week house-sitting…
Olivetti, Agnes Water MuseumJocelyn Watts

Olivetti trumps Cook

Remembering Olivetti Captain James Cook was swiftly demoted to second rank in my eyes when I discovered a long-lost love, Olivetti, at the Agnes Water Museum. Despite Captain Cook’s notable achievements in charting Newfoundland and leading…
Pure SpiritJocelyn Watts

Sashaying on Pure Spirit

Pure Spirit of adventure on the waves For a landlubber more used to hoofing it across cow paddocks than sailing, when 'Captain Awesome' spoke of jibing, I thought he was into dancing. You know, jiving! That’s the international ballroom…
CrocodilesJocelyn Watts

Are crocodiles dinosaurs?

Crocodiles were prehistoric but they're not dinosaurs Crocodiles are in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. They are reptiles like lizards, turtles and snakes and they have a very ancient lineage. Crocodiles belong to the clade…
fahion with pineapple motifs

Pineapples for prestige

What's the deal with so many pineapple motifs? Have you ever wondered why pineapple motifs are a recurring theme? I have. It seems like pineapple motifs are everywhere. They're on shirts, pineapple art, jewellery and ornaments to name just…
Toogoom's Vietnam shedJocelyn Watts

Vietnam shed joins military trail

Toogoom RSL opens restored Vietnam shed A shed destined for the Vietnam war is now basking in the Queensland sun after 45 years in storage at the Wallangarra Army base on the New South Wales border. The shed that was to be used as a soldiers'…
Science ExperienceJocelyn Watts

ConocoPhillips Science Experience

Science experience tops for St Mary's College student What do ice cream, glandular fever, sunburn and Walt Disney all have in common? Leticia Fuller of Maryborough and her nine state counterparts attended a three-day science experience at…

Help Borneo’s orangutans

Orangutans in the spotlight The plight of Indonesian orangutans and what Australians can do to help their closest primate relatives will be in the spotlight at the USQ Green + Thumbs session at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Fraser…
Antiobotics: Aliens or Old Friends?

Antibiotics: Aliens, or old friends?

Are we too reliant on antibiotics? Human infants were born on forest floors for thousands of years before the advent of sterile hospital theatres yet our race not only survived, it thrived, says University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Fraser…
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