10 things to discover at Agnes Water

agnes water and 1770

Agnes Water and Town of 1770 at the southern end of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef have come a long way since I first visited the Discovery Coast, long before the access roads were sealed.   Back then, generally only Bundaberg and Gladstone locals who were looking for quiet fishing spots, and their relatives like us, […]

12 things to do at Cooktown


“SEEN one rainforest, seen ém all” doesn’t apply at Cooktown where in 1770 Captain James Cook and his crew landed on the banks of the Endeavour River after their ship ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef. Exploring Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula was just a blip on my travel radar until last December. I’d already seen […]

Hauntings all in good spirit

Journalist Toni McRae has the last word for supernatural sceptics as self-proclaimed ‘victims’ offer evidence of hauntings at Fraser Coast buildings. Ethereal beings move pictures on our walls, run up and down our stairways at night, sometimes laughing, move objects off tables and push us from behind in the smalls of our backs and against […]