How to choose the right wedding jewellery

By guest blogger TIFFANY ROOK of Noni B, Hervey Bay.

Determine your skin tone:

The first step in choosing your wedding jewellery is to locate an area on your body where veins are visible. Usually the wrist serves as a good reference point. Based on the colour of your veins, your skin tone may fall into one of two categories – cool or warm:

– Cool skin tones are identifiable by bluish coloured veins. People with cooler skin tones may notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones when looking in the mirror. Eye colour can range from light blue to dark brown and anywhere in between. Most people have cool skin, including people with dark or tan skin.

– Warm skin tones are identifiable by greenish coloured veins. People with warmer skin tones may notice yellow or golden-apricot undertones when looking in the mirror. Eye colour can, again, be any colour. People whose natural hair colour is red, orange, or strawberry blonde almost always have warm skin. Sometimes hair may be browner but it will have a reddish tint. People with darker skin are not usually warm-skinned.


Pick a metal and complementary colour:


Cool skin tones favour metals such as silver, platinum and white gold.

Warm skin tones favour metals such as gold, pewter, brass and copper.


Cool skin tones favour stones such as white pearls and diamonds. Stone colour should focus on jewel tones such as pinks, purples, blues, reds, and magentas.

Warm skin tones favour stones such as coral or golden toned pearls. Stone colour should focus on more earthy tones such as browns, oranges, greens, yellows, peaches, corals, and also turquoises.


Consider the shape of your face:

Heart/Inverted, Triangle/Diamond

Earrings – Dangle or drop earrings help to lengthen the face.

Necklaces – Chokers help contrast and soften the sharp angle of the chin.


Earrings – Try elongated shapes such as ovals, or angular shapes such as rectangles. Square shaped faces look particularly well in teardrop earrings.

Necklaces – Look for necklaces that elongate your face, typically necklaces that extend below the neckline.


Earrings ­– Choose short or round earrings to contrast the longer face shape.

Necklaces – Chokers, especially if you have a long neck.


Earrings – Dangle earrings (not too long), preferably angular shaped.

Necklaces – Can be either long or short (if long neck, chose a shorter necklace).


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