Single white rose for Mum

A white rose laying on the vacant chair was a poignant tribute for the bride’s late mother at a recent wedding on Fraser Island.

Marriage celebrant David Proctor said it was not uncommon for couples to honour deceased relatives or close friends at wedding ceremonies.

He said one bride recently placed a single white rose on the chair on which her mother, who died six months ago, would have been seated.

The couple also had a photo of her on the register signing table.

During the service David explained to guests the significance of the chair and rose.

To include such a tribute in a wedding ceremony was a personal choice, he said.

“Some couples will but others won’t even entertain the idea. One bride said she couldn’t because she feared she’d be overcome with emotion. Each to their own.”

When couples want to include a tribute for deceased relatives or friends, David offers to recite the poem below by an unknown author.

[sh size=”1″]Roses from Heaven[/sh]

If roses grow in heaven
Lord pick a bunch for us
Place them in our loved one’s arms
And tell them they’re from us
Tell them we love them and miss them
And when they turn to smile
Place a kiss upon their cheek
And hold them for a while
Because remembering them is easy
We do it every day
But there’s an ache within our hearts
Because we’re missing them today.

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