High-tech playground revs up!

Vroom Vroom! Tasmania’s first electronic playground is taking off in the popularity stakes!

Launched in December 2016, the play space at Longford has equipment with a motoring theme, reflecting the town’s motor racing history, plus double and bird’s nest swings.

It also has a Kompan Play Space for older ages. The equipment combines the joys of outside play with electronic gaming, making a contemporary playground.  

Currently there are three Kompan products installed at Longford’s Village Green: 


Chase each other around on the SPACE. Flashing games nodes are placed at strategic positions around the structure; hit the lighted nodes to win. Use teamwork to hit every node. Playing SPACE will test your agility and alertness. 


The various NOVA games calls for speed, sudden turning actions and defence skills. Every NOVA games challenges your balance and muscle power. You must demonstrate effective coordination and maintain a firm foothold to secure your position on both the ring and in the game. 


Be prepared for an exhilarating experience. The ROCKY provides both forceful and finely tuned games. The user influences the games by the direction and weight in which they place their body. The best team is one that can position their weight effectively or repeat a given route with the most accuracy. 

The new play space is fitted out with instructions on how to use the electronic aspects of the equipment. All games can be played alone, or in teams.

Historic Longford, a tourist’s playground

The Northern Midlands Council Mayor David Downie said the playground was a destination space that is proving popular with families and visitors from far afield. 

Longford is part of the Heritage Highway Tourism Region, which covers the northern and southern midlands area.

The Heritage Highway region is packed with experiences, convict stories, built heritage, nature and wildlife reserves, a World Heritage Convict Site, and a national park.

For further information, please contact Mayor Downie on 0418 132 041

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