Want eye-catching photos?

In today’s competitive marketplace you need eye-catching photos that grab the attention of your target audience. If you’re in the business of real estate or products and services relating to food, wine or travel and want good photos, please contact me with details of your project.

Over my 25 years as an editor, journalist and photographer, I paid special attention to news and feature topics related to property, home decor, gardens, food, art, and travel. 

While in business as a professional photographer, my favourite commissions came from government organisations, builders, property owners, restaurants and media. 

Now as a freelancer, I still love helping homeowners and people in the property industry and business to achieve their goals with quality photos.

Fraser Coast, the home of World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and playground for humpback whales, is where I call home. 

I was born at Barcaldine in Outback Queensland and after moving to various regional cities and towns, came to Maryborough in 1992.

There I settled until November 2019 when I moved to the neighbouring city of Hervey Bay, located closer to Fraser Island and still within the Fraser Coast region.