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Jocelyn Watts
Location: Fraser Coast, Queensland

Some legal stuff


Copyright – Jocelyn Watts owns the copyright and all moral rights in every image created by herself, ASP Photography and Ashley Smith Photography including all photographs created by contractors and employees of ASP Photography and Ashley Smith Photography. Jocelyn retains ownership of all original captures and processed files. Images on this website must not be downloaded, copied or reproduced in any form without Jocelyn’s written permission.

Usage – Usage Licenses on all purchased or commissioned images created by Jocelyn Watts, ASP Photography and Ashley Smith Photography must not be passed-on or on-sold to any third party or parties without written permission from Jocelyn Watts. If third party or additional usage is required please contact Jocelyn Watts.

Exclusivity – Jocelyn Watts retains the exclusive right to use all images produced by herself, ASP Photography and Ashley Smith Photography for self-promotion.

Indemnity – Jocelyn Watts shall not be liable for any legal action, claim for damages resulting from or arising out of the use of, publication or distribution of the images. In contracting Jocelyn Watts, you agree to indemnify Jocelyn, ASP Photography and/or Ashley Smith Photography against any claims and/or damages against us including any legal fees arising from the images.


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