Why blog about life in Queensland?

This blog is a lifestyle guide for Baby Boomers covering food, wine, leisure, arts, history and more. The aim is to inspire you to explore Queensland (while you still can).

The former editor, journalist, communications officer and business owner believes that to live fulfilling lives, people should balance work with pleasure and nurture support networks whenever possible.

Juggling family life with work commitments can be tough at times but it’s important to keep them balanced. If they fall out of kilter, pressures can mount and severely impact a person’s state of mind.

About Jocelyn's website

In 2013, Jocelyn and her late husband Don had been working almost around the clock when issues relating to his corporate job mounted so much that he took his own life.

That tragic result is far too common. Statistics show more people die from suicide than from car accidents, and for every person that achieves death, at least another 20 have tried.

To Jocelyn, that raises the question: “Where has our society gone so wrong that so many people would rather die than continue living?”

She cites the article titled The nuclear Family Was a Mistake that basically says the days when extended families lived nearby and offered support in times of need are long gone.

Today we have fragmented families and usually only the rich can afford to ‘buy’ support services that help foster good life/work balance and personal relationships.

Jocelyn now runs this site, as time permits, covering various lifestyle topics aimed at inspiring you to experience one of the best locations in the world – Queensland. 

She is a mother of three, mother-in-law of two, and grandmother of five. She more than 30 years’ experience in media, corporate communications and business.

Her story can be found at Bush Cradle to Lifestyle Blogger

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