Fanning Island

Aussie coins gold dust on Fanning Island

THREE Aussie dollars in return for a singing a song had a young lad on Fanning Island thinking he was rich. Seeing him grin from ear to ear as he showed the booty to his mates was one of the highlights of my…

Charmed by the Irish at Maleny Hideaway

LISTENING to music reminiscent of the Irish dance party from the 1997 epic film Titanic was an unexpected bonus during our short stay at the Maleny Hideaway. When booking the accommodation online, I couldn't have imagined we'd be sharing…

Walking on the wild side of Fraser Island

HE HAS locked eyes with lions in Africa and anacondas in the Amazon but facing his wife’s stare as he returns from a Fraser Island beach tour with a salt-ridden car is more daunting. “Don’t tell Julia,” Darran Leal calls out as the…