Travel memoirs of a tail end Baby Boomer


Olivetti trumps Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook was swiftly demoted to second rank in my eyes when I discovered a long-lost love, Olivetti, at the Agnes Water Museum. Despite Captain Cook’s notable achievements in charting Newfoundland and leading discovery expeditions…
art gallery

Outdoor art gallery a surprise find

Discovering Kent Barton’s outdoor art gallery on my first excursion at Agnes Water was a good sign I’d made the right choice in agreeing to a three-week house sitting stint in the region. I’m not fussed on fishing or surfing so what…

Recycling old jeans to soothe souls

Out-of-work anthropologist Vickie Hartland has found her groove recycling old jeans to create bears that bring comfort to people around the globe.  “Making Comfort Bears is my accidental business,” Vickie said when I met…