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More on preparing your house for sale

You finally decided to sell your house. We discussed painting the walls as a first step and cleaning up the outside landscaping. Surely, that is all you have to do, right? Wrong! Before opening your doors to the buyer, let’s look at a few more “to-do” items.

The house tour begins the moment the buyer first sees your home. Why not give him a warm, pleasant first impression of the home that is to be his?  Does your doorbell work? Is the front door in need of paint, or maybe in need of replacement? Old doors often create the impression of shabbiness and/or neglect.

I mentioned earlier that outside maintenance cleanup is the opening act of your buyer’s home tour. Caring for and maintaining the inside of your house is commonly done on a more necessity-drive schedule. A homeowner becomes comfortable with a slightly dented window pane and does not realize that dent will mean dollars less to him when the buyer points out the defect.

Is there a window leak, or a pane of cracked glass in a hidden, closet window? It will cost you much more than window replacement of that one pane if the buyer sees it. More than likely, it will trigger an entry in his notebook to have all of the home’s windows inspected very carefully. That can end up costing hundreds of dollars more than replacing one or two panes.

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Let’s get your home ready to sell!

What do you see when you look down at the floor upon which you stand?

If you have been in your home very long, chances are you learned to overlook and excuse the cracked tiles, or the faded hardwood, or the scratches made by your family pet.

Overlooking that which you are comfortable with can cost you thousands of dollars. A relatively small investment of often less than $1000 can bring you a return of more than $2000.

It may be as little as the cost of some nails to secure loose boards, or screws to replace the slightly off-centered hanging door.

On the other hand, have you thought about the carpet on which your dog, your kids, and your own feet have made their territory over the years? You can bet it will be a buyer’s first thought as he walks in the door.

Replacing carpet is a relatively inexpensive way to add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Be sure to choose a neutral color. A beautiful, brightly colored carpet may complete your own décor with its magnificent statement.

However, the buyer will probably not see himself in that setting.

Another area of concern to buyers is the bathroom.

Taking time to replace discolored or out-of-date faucets yourself is an inexpensive way to entirely change the look of a bath.

One, often over-looked bath item that can scream “old” is your toilet seat.

Today’s seats are light-weight and have a different look to them. A seat that came with the house in 1974 will look like just that: an old toilet seat. Same thing with door knobs. They also have changing styles.

Why not head to your local do-it-yourself store and invest in quickly changed knobs for all of your doors?

Your goal is to achieve maximum upgrades with minimum disparity in color and design.

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So, you want to sell your property?

Great! That’s why we are here! Let’s have some fun and sell your home.

Signing the closing documents is the “Hooray! It’s done” step.

However, the process begins on day one of your decision to sell.

Relax. Your buyer is out there, just waiting for you to open the door to their own dream.

After you relax, look around your house. Or, better yet. Have a friend take an objective tour of your home, room by room, wall by wall, pointing out glitches that you probably no longer even notice.

You might no longer pay attention to a faded spot on the living room wall but a buyer might spot the “alarmingly destructive” blotch immediately.

Painting the walls is a necessary first step to transforming your home into your buyer’s haven.

Nothing says “free to decorate” like a newly-painted wall. A wall painted, by the way, in a neutral tone.

You may love emerald green walls, but your buyer might be someone who believes that pink and purple are the only way to go. Paint does not cost nearly as much as the value lost if you forego this basic preparatory step.

Which leads me outside your home.

Maybe you meticulously spent money to maintain and repair your landscaping.

If not, this “green” investment pays off in increased value for your home and that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Just as you are not at your best when projects and multi-tasking overwhelms you, so it is with tangled hedges, dangling tree limbs, and weed-cluttered flower beds.

Hiring a landscaper to freshen the landscape rewards you with increased home value as the buyer has a first impression of you and your home: an impression of careful, clean, and uncluttered maintenance

Are you excited yet? There are more tips to come from

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