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More on preparing your house for sale

You finally decided to sell your house. We discussed painting the walls as a first step and cleaning up the outside landscaping. Surely, that is all you have to do, right? Wrong! Before opening your doors to the buyer, let’s look at a few…

Let's get your home ready to sell!

What do you see when you look down at the floor upon which you stand? If you have been in your home very long, chances are you learned to overlook and excuse the cracked tiles, or the faded hardwood, or the scratches made by your family…

So, you want to sell your property?

Great! That’s why we are here! Let’s have some fun and sell your home. Signing the closing documents is the “Hooray! It’s done” step. However, the process begins on day one of your decision to sell. Relax. Your buyer is out…