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Widowed and twice redundant, all within four years. Too young for Australia’s age pension yet considered too old for many jobs. 

Are these scenarios familiar to other tail-end Baby Boomers?

Experts say that as our population’s healthy-life expectancy grows, 70 really is the new 60 and many people of retirement age want to continue working with more flexibility and fewer hours. 

The same applies for many of us who are yet to reach our official age of retirement.  Opting for redundancy and blazing our own trail appeals far more than climbing back on the hampster wheel and working 9 to 5. 

We have more time for tripping around visiting family, enjoying the great outdoors, seeing live shows and attending our favourite events in the company of good friends. 

Hi there! I’m Jocelyn, also known as Jocey or Mimoo, depending on how you know me.

I’m a published writer, photographer and former corporate communications officer now dabbling in the world of blogging. Click here for a formal bio.

Sharing stories and images online has appealed to me since the late 1990s, just a few years after blogs, or weblogs as they were known then, came into existence.

Back then I was working as a journalist and photographer on regional newspapers with little time for self interests so I shelved all thoughts of getting on board the blogging trend.  

Years later I bought a professional photography business that came with a traditional static website. I had that converted to a WordPress site and started blogging to help promote my products and services. 

As my work and personal lives took dramatic turns, I continued to post the stories and photos on which I was working to keep this site ticking along. Those posts can now be found under the Lifestyle tab. 

In early 2017 I accepted the second redundancy offer within two years, voluntarily leaving the corporate world behind in favour of a lap-top lifestyle in early retirement.

Now I finally have the time to pursue my passions of photography and writing in the form of travel blogging for fun.

I hope the stories, photos and information on this site will inspire others to explore this great land at every opportunity, whether it’s simply a weekend jaunt , lengthy lap around the continent or anything in between.

If you’re a reader who wants to say hi or share your Aussie travel experiences, please email me via my Contact page. 



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