Be comfortable on your wedding day

By guest blogger TIFFANY ROOK of Noni B Hervey  Bay

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the biggest and most exciting parts of your wedding.
But rather than being a faithful follower of fashion, you should firstly consider a style that is appropriate for the day. For example, consider a cocktail length dress in a soft chiffon for a beach wedding. Secondly, look for a wedding dress that will highlight your features and take your body shape into consideration.

Above all, be comfortable! On your wedding day, you’ll want to look great but you will also want to be comfortable. It will be hard to dance and laugh, not to mention posing for all those photographs, if you’re tugging your dress or have boning jutting into your ribs. If you’re the type of person likes to dance with her hands in the air, and anticipates doing the Limbo, perhaps a strapless dress is not the one for you.

Soft, flowing gowns are currently among the most popular dresses for brides on the Fraser Coast.

Classic white will always remain a favourite colour, however, white doesn’t suit all ladies and coloured dresses are increasing in popularity, particularly pink and Midnight Blue (Navy). Cream, Ivory, Sand and Champagne are also being worn, especially with the more mature brides.

As every bride will agree, it’s fun to search through all the bridal magazines and tear out the pages of your favourite wedding gowns. Unfortunately, many of these designer gowns can cost almost as much as your entire wedding!

I’m finding more brides are shopping for less expensive gowns. Brides want to look great in a wedding gown they select for their special day, without breaking the budget. Look for dresses that can be worn again especially those that lend themselves to being shortened and worn as cocktail dresses.

Popular bridesmaid fashion.


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