So, you want to sell your property?

Great! That’s why we are here! Let’s have some fun and sell your home.

Signing the closing documents is the “Hooray! It’s done” step.

However, the process begins on day one of your decision to sell.

Relax. Your buyer is out there, just waiting for you to open the door to their own dream.

After you relax, look around your house. Or, better yet. Have a friend take an objective tour of your home, room by room, wall by wall, pointing out glitches that you probably no longer even notice.

You might no longer pay attention to a faded spot on the living room wall but a buyer might spot the “alarmingly destructive” blotch immediately.

Painting the walls is a necessary first step to transforming your home into your buyer’s haven.

Nothing says “free to decorate” like a newly-painted wall. A wall painted, by the way, in a neutral tone.

You may love emerald green walls, but your buyer might be someone who believes that pink and purple are the only way to go. Paint does not cost nearly as much as the value lost if you forego this basic preparatory step.

Which leads me outside your home.

Maybe you meticulously spent money to maintain and repair your landscaping.

If not, this “green” investment pays off in increased value for your home and that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Just as you are not at your best when projects and multi-tasking overwhelms you, so it is with tangled hedges, dangling tree limbs, and weed-cluttered flower beds.

Hiring a landscaper to freshen the landscape rewards you with increased home value as the buyer has a first impression of you and your home: an impression of careful, clean, and uncluttered maintenance

Are you excited yet? There are more tips to come from

Let us help you improve your home’s value today for that fabulous sale tomorrow.

Ripper yarns, love poems and biographies just the start


Lisa and Cameron Waterson help prepare for the Annual Book Sale.

FROM Uncle Jack (the Ripper) and Victorian Love Poems to Toni McRae’s own work on Andrew Peacock’s biography and Indigenous Australian history, this weekend’s Annual Book Sale in Maryborough Central Plaza is gold dust for book lovers.

These and many other literary works from the private collection of award-winning journalist, the late Toni McRae, have been donated to the book sale, a joint project between Fraser Coast Libraries and the Rotary Club of Maryborough Sunrise.

Ms McRae was an international print journalist who worked in Israel, Europe, Iran and New Zealand. In recent years she was the Fraser Coast Chronicle’s chief reporter and media officer for state members of parliament in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Sadly, she died last October, aged 67 years.

The complete Agatha Christie Crime Collection and Fifty Shades of Grey are also among the thousands of bargains being sold this Saturday and Sunday to raise money for charity.

Maryborough Sunrise president Robyn Dowling said proceeds from the book sale would be split evenly between local projects nominated by the club and Fraser Coast Libraries.

“In Rotary’s case, this will be Books in Homes, an initiative that runs in Maryborough schools,” Mrs Dowling said.

“Literally thousands of fiction and non-fiction books are being offered for as little as 50 cents (magazines), $1 (soft cover) and $2 (hard cover) during Rotary Literacy Month.

“There are books on almost every conceivable topic from romance novels to war, history, gardening, cooking, spiritual, self-help, business management and much more.”

Mrs Dowling said donations of books for sale would also be welcomed on the day and can be dropped into the shopfront opposite the Bi Lo supermarket in Maryborough Central Plaza.

Tickets for the Quilt Show raffle will also be on sale.


What: Annual Book Sale
Where: Maryborough Central Plaza
When: 8am to 3pm, Saturday March 7; 9am to 3pm, Sunday March 8